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If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident? we are here to help you.In this blog post, we are going to discuss about New Port Richey Car Accident Lawyer, We aim to make it easier for you to find the best and #1 top-rated car accident lawyer in your area. Hope this blog post will solve your problem and gives you valuable information.

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The majority of residents living in New Port Richey depend on cars to travel around in their hectic daily lives. Maybe you're driving or soccer training in the YMCA of the Suncoast or stopping for dairy at Publix located at Southgate Shopping Center. While you're navigating your day, you don't think of becoming the victim of an unforeseen automobile crash within New Port Richey.

Being injured during a New Port Richey car accident is a frightening experience. It could be that you suffer from permanent disabilities and cannot live a full and active life. It is possible that you won't be able to work in the field you've chosen. When you are trying to concentrate your efforts on reestablishing your life following a catastrophic car crash insurance companies care only about their bottom profits. Therefore, you may encounter insurance adjusters suddenly urging you to agree to a quick and simple settlement.

Never sign anything until you consult with an expert New Port Richey car accident lawyer.

Contact Dolman Law Group as soon as possible if recently involved in a New Port Richey automobile accident. Employing a New Port Richey auto accident lawyer is the most effective option to safeguard your rights. Get in touch with Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA in New Port Richey to discuss your case and go over the legal alternatives.

Why Should I Hire a New Port Richey Car Accident Attorney?

Following an accident in the car, one can begin looking for compensation by filing a claim with the insurance company for the other driver. However, the insurance company isn't in your corner. They will provide the bare minimum amount they can justify to safeguard their profit margins. Avoid the mistake of trying to settle a settlement on your own. Our experience has shown that those who choose this route are usually not satisfied with their settlement.

So, you require an experienced and reliable New Port Richey injury lawyer to ensure you get an equitable settlement. Hiring a professional attorney for car accidents is a signal to an insurance provider that is willing to invest your time and energy in pursuing the full worth of your injuries.

Our car collision lawyers will assist you in the procedure. We will first examine the incident, and collect evidence including accident reports medical bills, photographs along with other evidence that will best support your claim. Then, we'll start arranging to obtain the most amount of compensation on your behalf. The experts at Dolman Law Group manage your New Port Richey car crash claim while you concentrate on recovering.

Common Causes of New Port Richey Motor Vehicle Accidents

The New Port Richey drivers have a responsibility to one another care, which means they must take care and observe traffic laws to limit the risk of harming others. If a driver does not comply with this obligation and a car accident usually occurs. Motor vehicle accidents may result from a variety of reasons.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles states that there were 373,358 auto accidents in the state of Florida in 2022. The number of fatalities resulting from these accidents was 2,616. There were an estimated 159,570 accidents that resulted in injuries of some kind. Motor vehicle accidents like this can be caused by a variety of causes, including:

Drunk Drivers or Drugged Drivers Can Cause Significant Damage

While driving under the impaired by alcohol or drugs is illegal Many drivers believe they are that they're invincible, and regularly drive the vehicle when impaired. These drivers put others in danger every single time. Their poor vision and judgment could cause reckless driving. For example, they might disregard speed limits or be not able to stop at the right time to avoid hitting pedestrians who are crossing the street. At some point, they'll cause a crash that will alter the lives of those involved forever.

Distracted Driving Jeopardizes Road User Safety

Like drunk driving, everyone should be aware of the dangers of driving distracted particularly when using a phone while driving. However, people are messaging, posting on the internet, using applications, and scouring the internet for details on their phones as driving. It takes just a second of being distracted or looking down for a fatal crash to happen.

Drowsy Driving is a Dangerous Behavior

Many drivers underestimate the effect that fatigue could take on their ability to drive on New Port Richey roads. Research has proven that the impact of insufficient rest on your brain can be similar to the effects of drinking the legal limit for alcohol in the amount of 0.08 BAC. Drunk drivers are more susceptible to making poor decisions and have slow reactions, which eventually result in serious accidents.

Traffic Violations Are a Common Factor in Serious Car Accidents

The most frequent and least complicated reason that individuals are involved in accidents is for not obeying traffic laws. Infractions to traffic laws in one way or another are the main reason behind most car accidents. Many of the reasons mentioned in car accidents like distracted driving and drunk driving are violations of traffic laws. Other common road violations which are regular reasons for accidents include speeding or running red lights and not paying attention to the law of the road.

Not All New Port Richey Auto Accidents Are Caused by Negligent Drivers

Accidents caused by driver error are not the sole reason for New Port Richey auto accidents. Other contributing factors that cause car wrecks are accidents caused by poor roads or no roadway signs. Transport agencie s located in Florida are responsible for constructing safe roads and making sure that all roads and hazards are properly marked by warning signs. They also have to inspect and maintain roads to ensure that they are safe for drivers. If the government does not maintain roads safely, accidents frequently occur, and the victims are faced with the challenge of a complicated personal injury claim against the negligent government agency. Dolman Law has previously handled negligence in the design of roads within Pasco County and throughout Florida.

Manufacturers of Defective Auto Parts May Be Liable for Car Accident Damages

Imagine you're driving along at a high speed and suddenly your wheel falls off or your brakes stop working. It's not a surprise that a sudden malfunction caused by a defective auto component could cause drivers to be unable to control the vehicle and crash into the ground, often collisions with other vehicles or other objects. If a manufacturer sold dangerous auto parts or failed to request an emergency recall when needed Our product liability lawyers will help you hold the company accountable for the harm and loss you suffer.

We at Dolman Law Group, believe in holding those who cause harm to others completely accountable under the law. A negligent driver could face consequences whether in a criminal matter as well as when it comes to a personal injury lawsuit that is brought in civil courts. After seeking medical attention and submitting a report of your accident and contacting a reputable lawyer for your auto wreck before negotiating an agreement with the insurance firm.

New Port Richey Auto Accident Injuries

The injuries sustained due to New Port Richey car accidents can be serious and life-altering. Treatment can be long and painful, as well as invasive, and may leave you with long-term problems or constant discomfort. Your loved ones or you might have suffered from a variety of types of car accidents such as:

  • Neck and back injuries to the neck and back
  • Nerve damage
  • Injury to the spinal cord
  • Paralysis
  • Contusions and lacerations
  • Broken, dislocated, or broken bones
  • Burns that are severe
  • Abrasions and cuts to the face
  • Concussions or brain traumas that result in brain trauma
  • Fatality

Certain injuries need months or even years of medical treatment, in addition to changes in your life both at the workplace and at home. The value of a claim and the process of obtaining compensation will directly depend on the nature and severity of the injuries you sustained, the overall insurance coverage available through the auto insurance policy of all negligent parties, as well as your own uninsured/underinsured (UIM) coverage.

Seek Medical Care as Soon as Possible

After an accident, your primary goal should be to seek medical care and treatment. Don't ignore your injuries without visiting an expert first. Even minor injuries may need treatment and could cause a mountain of medical costs. Being concerned about the expense of medical treatment is not a reason to stop getting the care you need to heal your injuries and heal as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, it is essential to get medical treatment as insurance companies search for excuses to lower the value of your claim, or even suggest that your injuries aren't serious. Don't offer them an easy excuse for delaying treatment. Get the help you require and we'll be able to help determine the financial aspects. Following a New Port Richey car crash, Our auto accident lawyers can assist you to get your losses back.

Personal Injury Protection and New Port Richey Car Accidents

By Florida laws governing motor vehicles, your insurance policy will cover $10,000.00 of personal injury (PIP) insurance. PIP insurance is designed to offer immediate and efficient medical care without the need to wait for a Court of Law to determine the extent of liability.

PIP is Also Known as No-Fault Coverage

PIP is also referred to as no-fault insurance. This means that PIP allows you to seek medical attention immediately without needing to figure out who is responsible for the fault. It is crucial to get medical treatment immediately after a collision with a motor vehicle to avoid the other person's insurance company from arguing that the collision did not cause the injuries that are claimed. Our lawyers for car accidents have a deep understanding of Florida no-fault insurance and can assist you through the claim procedure.

What Damages Can I Recover in a New Port Richey Car Accident Lawsuit?

The law office of our firm will assess each financial loss you suffered to pursue the highest amount of compensation for your situation. Another term for the economic damage that you suffer from is financial. In essence, economic damages have an established price. In the majority of cases, they can be proven with evidence such as receipts.

For instance, a serious accident could mean you are unable to work for a certain duration. It is common for this to result in loss of earnings that are required to provide for your family. They can also be compensated for the loss in the context of Florida law. In addition to the economic loss, you may also be able to recover intangible damage, or economic losses, which still hurt your life.

Examples of damages that can be claimed in an auto accident lawsuit:

  • Medical bills
    • Hospitalization
    • Medication
    • Physical therapy
    • Surgery
    • Mobility assists
    • Home healthcare
  • Employment-related loss
    • Loss of wages
    • Incomplete promotions
    • Retraining jobs
  • Physical suffering and pain
  • Traumas to the emotional
  • A loss of enjoyment from life
  • Permanent impairments or disabilities
  • Permanent disfigurement
  • Wrongful death
    • The loss of friendship
    • Funeral and funeral cost

The number of damages available will depend on the severity of your injuries, as well as whether you are entitled to make a personal injury claim before a Florida court. We will explore every possibility of compensation. Our team will not rest until we've exhausted all the options available to you. We are fully aware of the process of insurance, and the process of bringing personal injury lawsuits and will make every effort to safeguard your rights as a victim.

Reported Car Accidents Involving Injuries in New Port Richey

New Port Richey is a suburb in northwest Tampa. It has seen rapid growth in recent years. has seen significant growth and has become a well-known tourist destination and is also a popular area for families. In 2022, over 1 million people are expected to have come to New Port Richey and surrounding Pasco County. The increased traffic volume led to an increase in car crashes and also. As per the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Pasco County was the site of an average increase of 29% in accidents from the year 2018 until 2022. The increase led to nearly 22 accidents per day in Pasco County.

Common Types of New Port Richey Car Crashes

  • 3 or more Car Accidents The number of vehicles involved in the accident will greatly impact the degree of an auto crash. The event of an accident involving more than two vehicles could confuse when determining liability. In most cases, there is a possibility that more than one driver is responsible for the collision. However, it is possible to believe that the driver involved who is involved in a single-car accident will be automatically the sole culprit. But this isn't always the case. the roads that are not functioning, car parts, or drivers from a third party might be responsible in the event of a single-car collision.
  • Collisions at the crossroads If a motorist crosses over into the lanes of traffic that are coming in, head-on collisions may happen. There are a variety of causes for these kinds of accidents. For instance, collisions with a crossover could be the result of impaired driving overcorrection or being forced to leave the lane due to another driver's tire blowouts and road hazards, and many more. These collisions can result in life-changing injuries, and knowing what was the cause of the accident is crucial to the recovery of your loved ones.
  • Rear-end collisions: While rear-end accidents are usually viewed being small "fender-benders," these crashes are often incredibly dangerous. The victims can sustain painful neck injuries as well as head trauma, injuries from the seat belts in their vehicles, injuries to the backs ankle injuries, and more. These types of accidents are typically caused by drivers who do not pay attention to vehicles in front of them however, they can also be caused by reckless tailgating, unsafe changing of lanes, and other unsafe driving habits.
  • Sideswipe Auto Collisions Drivers must be aware of cars and other obstacles that block their way when they try to change or merge into a lane that is adjacent to them. However, this doesn't always go smoothly and accidents happen in what is called sideswipe collisions. These kinds of accidents occur more frequently and can cause some of the worst car injury injuries from accidents.

Should you or somebody you love have suffered an injury as a result of an accident involving a vehicle that occurred in New Port Richey, it is crucial to know you have the legal system in your favor. Even if you do not reside in Florida and you are not a resident, you may claim for personal injury and claim the compensation you deserve for your accident and injuries.

Why Should I Choose a New Port Richey Car Crash Lawyer to Represent Me in a Car Accident Lawsuit?

From the moment you sign up with Dolman Law Group, Accident Injury Lawyers PA and you'll be able to relax a bit. Now you have experienced and committed New Port Richey car accident lawyers by your side. We provide personalized legal advice and assistance throughout the process.

In our many years of representing the victims of car accidents In New Port Richey, Dolman Law Group has dealt with numerous accidents with amazing outcomes. Our clients and colleagues have praised Dolman Law Group and the Dolman group for the superior services we offer. Our auto accident lawyers have been awarded numerous prestigious accolades for their client happiness and the ability of their team to negotiate settlements in the millions. We credit our success to the personalized attention each claim gets.

As a valued customer, you will receive the telephone address of the handling lawyer and the firm's managing partner. We believe in giving individual attention and assistance to every one of our clients who has suffered an injury. This allows us to obtain extremely successful outcomes and is the reason thousands of injured victims select us to represent them when they are in the darkest of times.

Dolman Law Group Has a Record of Excellent Service

Our experience in handling New Port Richey car accident cases is unmatched. Here are a few of our most prominent personal injuries cases:

  • $5 million to a car accident victim who sustained burn injuries
  • $1.75 million for an accident victim who sustained shoulder injuries in an accident along I-275
  • $1.58 million to a person who was injured in a car accident and sustained a spinal injury
  • A million dollars for a vehicle accident victim suffering from a SLAP tear on his shoulder.

Although past successes do not guarantee that future success, we'll try our best to get results that are successful for you and your family following the trauma of a New Port Richey car crash. Our lawyers for auto accidents can assist you in this process and help get compensation for the damages you suffered.

Dolman Law Group clients rely on our team of experts to navigate complicated negotiations and complex legal issues. We take our responsibility seriously. Our team will do everything to meet your expectations and collect the maximum amount of compensation to cover your damages.

For more details, contact the New Port Richey car accident lawyers from Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers PA by calling (727) 477-9660.

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