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If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident? we are here to help you.In this blog post, we are going to discuss about #1 Top Rated Car Accident Lawyer Torrance CA, We aim to make it easier for you to find the best and #1 top-rated car accident lawyer in your area. Hope this blog post will solve your problem and gives you valuable information.

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Car accidents are generally not accidents. This implies that the crash was inevitable, inevitable and that no one's fault. Most of the time this doesn't are the truth. A driver's error is the reason for over 90% of car accidents in Torrance and across Los Angeles County, CA.

Our knowledgeable Torrance automobile accident attorney at the Soofer Law Group law office employs proven strategies to make that tortfeasor (negligent motorist) legally accountable for the damages. A negligence claim isn't about blaming another person for the crash. Instead, it gives you the money you require to continue living your life. This is why we will never stop working to help you.

If you've been injured in an accident, call us right away and we'll go to help you. We will provide a free consultation!

Why Choose a Torrance Car Accident Lawyer?

  • Our firm is always able to provide the frankest and most compassionate legal counsel to all our clients.
  • Each lawyer for injury will defend your interests, financial well-being, and your legal rights.
  • Ramin Soofer, the first personal injury lawyer located in Torrance and has been practicing law for personal injury since 1993. In his whole career, devoted himself to helping clients and their families, and he has track success in generating a positive financial outcomes for clients.

How Can Our Car Crash Attorneys in Torrance CA Help?

Quick medical attention and urgent replacement of your vehicle are the most urgent issues that arise in the wake of the aftermath of a Torrance accident. Our auto accident lawyers provide crucial assistance in both of these areas.

  • Soofer Law Group has professional relationships with car collision doctors. They are therefore in the unique position of connecting victims to the medical help they require.
  • We also have relationships with repair and replacement experts. We swiftly arrange alternate transportation options while your vehicle is being repaired or you are looking for a permanent alternative. Furthermore, our auto injury lawyers make sure families receive the temporary cars they require, and not only the ones that insurance companies will provide.
  • The most important thing is that our Torrance car accident lawyers assist you in obtaining the compensation and justice that you need and deserve. As we will explain below We employ proven procedures to ensure maximum financial compensation even in the most difficult car wreck claim.

What Are Some Common Car Accident Injuries?

Car crashes can cause unexpected injuries to your body, leaving the victim in pain and suffering. The most commonly reported car crash injuries include:

  • Whiplash. In the event of a crash head of the victim moves forward and backward in the form of a whip-like, violent motion. Whiplash is a threat to nerves in the neck and spinal. Since it's a soft tissue injury it usually doesn't appear on MRIs or various other tests for diagnosis.
  • Cuts and scrapes
  • Bruising
  • A head injury to the head
  • Brain injury
  • Internal bleeding
  • Broken bones
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

The victims need to visit a doctor who specializes in car collisions. These specialists are trained to recognize subtle but serious injuries. Most car wrecks result in degenerative injuries. The injuries are usually not severe at first. However, very quickly when it's not properly treated, whiplash could result in major issues, and possibly even losing motion in the arms, neck, and hands.

What Damages Are There in a Torrance Car Accident Claim?

Because serious car accidents can create both economic and non-economic damages, you're legally entitled to the compensation you deserve for both damages. Medical bills are often the most significant element of economic damage. If you suffer a serious injury, like a spinal injury, medical expenses could exceed greater than $1 million in the initial year. In addition, these injuries could result in substantial loss of work and huge property damage.

The main point is that the victims of car accidents require money to get their lives together. This cash should not be taken from their pockets. This is the premise behind non-economic damages in a Torrance crash case. Physical injuries, as well as the negative overall experience of an accident, typically result in things like:

  • Emotional distress
  • The pain and suffering
  • The loss of pleasure in the world
  • Inability to maintain consortium (companionship and participation in household activities)

To determine the amount of non-economic damages, our Torrance accident attorneys usually use the formula that is based on various factors.

Understanding California Car Accident Laws

In the past, driver errors can cause the majority of accidents in Los Angeles County car accidents. According to California law, such errors generally refer to:

  • Normal negligence: it is essentially a violation of a legal obligation. In California commercial drivers, the majority are bound by the law of reasonable care. They must be cautious and abide by the laws on the roadway. If they do not follow the rules and, if their negligence causes serious injury those who caused the harm (negligent driver) could be held accountable for the damages cited above.
  • Negligence per se. It is an infraction of the law on safety. If the law sets the standards of care, the tortfeasors who break the law could be held liable for damages.

Laws on negligence can be quite complicated Particularly in California. Distraction from devices which is a significant problem throughout the United States is a perfect illustration of the distinction between normal negligence and negligence in general. In general, it's prohibited for Californians to use handheld cell cellphones while driving. This negligence loophole is usually applicable in these instances.

Understanding California's Vehicle Insurance Laws

Fortunately, California's insurance for vehicle regulations isn't quite as complicated. California is a tort-based state. Therefore, every car crash victim can get the compensation they are entitled to. Some states, including those close to Utah and Utah, have no-fault laws on insurance that limit this right. In California, the Golden State does have a significant number of uninsured and underinsured motorists. Some people believe that if the negligent driver was uninsured or had no insurance, they will not be able to receive the amount of compensation described above.

However, in any situation, California has a very broad vicarious liability law. In the case of taxi drivers or any other commercial operator who is responsible for causing a crash in which the person who caused the crash is the employer, then the employer could be liable for the damages. In other instances, the owner's responsibility could be applicable.

Gathering Evidence in a Car Accident

A sound legal theory is crucial as it gives direction to lawyers who handle accidents. But having a solid legal theory alone isn't enough. Investigators and attorneys must do their best to gather evidence to support your case.

A vehicle's Event Recorder highlights all the challenges with this particular part of the procedure. Similar to commercial jet flight recorders that use black boxes the vehicle EDRs gather information about:

  • Vehicle speed
  • Steering angle
  • Application of brakes
  • Engine RPM

Each of these numbers can be crucial in the event of a collision with a vehicle in particular since the plaintiff/victim is the one who must prove it. EDRs are advanced devices. A lawyer must have the necessary resources to be able to download and access the data it holds. Thus, attorneys from Soofer Law Group Soofer Law Group often partner with experts such as private investigators and accident reconstructionists. Additionally, California has very strict automobile information privacy laws. Lawyers for auto collisions typically need court permission before they can access EDR information. Our lawyer for car accidents is knowledgeable about the law to perform this part of the task.

Contacting An Insurance Company After a Car Accident

As all this is taking place and the victim is trying to get back to health physically and emotionally and emotionally, the insurance company usually contacts them to offer settlement offers. It's tempting to accept the cash given and continue to live a normal life. However, the victims are not capable to know if the deal is fair. Soofer Law Group Soofer Law Group, we analyze your case thoroughly and determine a settlement amount. We then discuss together with insurance companies to pay your claim.

How Much Can I Settle for With an Accident Claim?

The amount that a settlement will cost is usually contingent on the particulars of the particular case and applicable law. Other considerations are any defenses that the insurance company might have. To determine damages that are not economic like suffering and pain our lawyers usually multiplied the economic damages by three, two, or four, based on the specific circumstances.

More than 90 percent of Los Angeles County vehicle collision lawsuits settle out of court. Talks about a settlement usually start once medical treatment is significantly complete. If the initial talks do not succeed, a lot of Los Angeles County judges refer cases to mediation. Mediation is when an impartial third party, usually a non-affiliated Torrance car accident lawyer can negotiate an agreement between the person who was injured as well as the insurer. If both parties bargain with a sense of trust the mediation process is generally effective.

How Much Does a Car Accident Attorney Charge?

The Soofer Law Group, we do not charge upfront legal fees in cases involving car accidents. We do not also demand that clients pay upfront for expenses legal costs and expert witness costs. We also do not require clients to pay for expert witness fees " no fee unless you win" method achieves a variety of goals.

Call Us For a Free Consultation With Our Torrance Car Accident Lawyer

Car crash victims typically receive substantial financial compensation when they have a Torrance attorney for car accidents who can plan their work, implement their plans, and offer clients legal alternatives. For a no-cost consultation and call Soofer Law Group. Soofer Law Group. Our team of experts has secured more than $50 million for our injured clients. Call us now by calling (310) 478-5090!

Our offices are within Torrance in Los Angeles, but we happily serve clients from across Southern California.


 Most people's stuck in a Car accident but don't know how to choose a car accident lawyer, but we always recommend an experienced lawyer in your area. finally, you met #1 Top Rated Car Accident Lawyer Torrance CA. Thanks for reading and keep supporting our blog.

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