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If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident? we are here to help you.In this blog post, we are going to discuss about $, We aim to make it easier for you to find the best and #1 top-rated car accident lawyer in your area. Hope this blog post will solve your problem and gives you valuable information.

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Are you or someone close to you being injured in a Temecula car accident? It is crucial to get legal advice from a Temecula lawyer if you have been injured by the negligence of another person. Attorney Dustin, who has more than a decade of experience in helping his Temecula neighbors recover financial compensation for their injuries, has helped many.

It is important to act immediately after an accident. The victim is responsible for proving the injury. Insurance companies often try to take advantage of victims, which is unfortunately not uncommon. Their job is to pay the lowest amount. You will have a better chance of getting a settlement or verdict in favor of your case if you contact an attorney right away. Maricic Law Firm charges no upfront fees. There is no risk of you being hurt in a car accident. To determine if you have a personal injury claim, consult an experienced attorney.

Why choose Maricic Law Firm to be Your Temecula Car Accident Attorney?

  • Attorney Dustin is a small, boutique car accident law firm that focuses more on quality than quantity. Instead of being assigned to an untrained case worker, you will get one-on-one attention from Attorney Dustin.
  • Attorney Dustin is available to help you if you have been hurt.
  • There are no upfront costs. Until your case is settled or won, you don't need to pay any upfront fees.
  • You can be confident that your case will be handled by a highly-rated Temecula lawyer for car accidents.

Maricic Law Firm Office is located at 41690 Enterprise Cir #102, Temecula (CA 92590).

Top-Rated Auto Accident Attorney

Dustin Maricic is a wonderful person. He is genuine and made me feel secure and comfortable throughout the entire process. Although I was skeptical as a single mother, he was very knowledgeable and patient with me. Because I didn't know that I might have side effects months later after my car accident, he helped me feel confident about pursuing the case. I would highly recommend him. It was a blessing to receive what I got and I am grateful to know that I will always have his back."

Britney W. – Temecula (CA)

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Why choose Attorney Dustin?

Attorney Dustin will represent you in a professional, aggressive way if you choose him as your car accident lawyer. Dustin has helped numerous victims of car accidents in Temecula. His knowledge of the legalities of auto accidents means that he can approach each case from all angles to maximize compensation. Every client of Attorney Dustin has been very happy with the outcome of their case.

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Maricic Law Firm founder

Attorney Dustin is a Temecula native and has made it his mission to provide honest and committed legal representation for his community.

To find out if you have a case or to schedule a free consultation with Attorney Dustin, contact us today.

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The Common Types of Car Unintentional Deaths in the Temecula Area

Over the last couple of years, Temecula roads became more crowded. These are some of the most common types.

  • Distracted driver accidents
  • Driving and texting while driving
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Truck accidents
  • Accidents involving pedestrians
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Accidents involving hit-and-run
  • Drunk driver accidents
  • Vehicle rollover accidents

Recoverable Financial Losses

  • Medical expenses
  • Car rental
  • Car repairs
  • Future and present salary loss
  • The two most painful things in life are suffering and pain
  • Emotional distress
  • Wrongful death damages
  • Whiplash injury
  • Head injury
  • Broken ribs
  • Trauma to the knee
  • Broken bones
  • Cuts and scrapes
  • Internal bleeding

Even if there is no immediate pain, it is important to consult an attorney and get medical attention as soon as possible. Even though some injuries don't immediately present symptoms, they could have serious and lasting effects on your life.

Words from Previous Clients

"Dustin was the best attorney that I have ever used. He attended all of my son’s doctor’s appointments. He worked with the insurance company to negotiate a lower medical bill, which allowed us to take home more money. He became our friend after our case was resolved." Amy

"I hired Dustin to help me with my car accident. He did an excellent job. After I hired Dustin, he argued my case for me and made them admit 100% of my fault. None of my previous lawyers have been as helpful as him. He has been recommended to my family and friends."

"Honesty at its best. He was hired and was not surprised by his work. He was friendly and very aggressive, and he delivered everything he promised." Jimmy F.

Dustin was a great lawyer. I have been through a lot of lawyers, and it was a relief to have him help me. He worked tirelessly to assist me and I learned so much. I have also referred two other people, who are both happy. I appreciate your kindness and help! "I am grateful to know that I can count upon him in the future." Britney

"Great staff, very friendly, and helped get me a settlement that was greater than I had expected. Thank you for your prompt response to my case. If I ever need it, Attorney Dustin will be recommended to all my family and friends. "Sara

Dustin Maricic is a wonderful person. He is very real and made me feel very secure and comfortable throughout the entire process. Although I was skeptical as a single mother, he was very knowledgeable and patient with me. Because I didn't know that I might have side effects months later, he helped me feel confident about pursuing the case. I would recommend him highly. It was a blessing to me and I am grateful to know that I will always be supported by him." -Britney

"Dustin is an honest attorney who makes it clear and does everything possible to help his clients." "I've been impressed by and helped me by his candor & openness."

"My husband was involved in a Harley accident in June 2018. Dustin was hired to represent us. My husband was found to be 100% responsible in the police report. This was absurd. Dustin was tireless in his efforts to get the other driver's insurance company to accept 70% liability. Dustin worked tirelessly to get us our full payout from our Ins as well as the Ins of other drivers. We HIGHLY recommend Dustin Maricic and are 100% satisfied with his performance.

Temecula's Common Types of Auto-Accidents

Car Accidents

Anyone who has been in a car accident that was caused by the negligence of another person has the right to receive monetary compensation. A Temecula car accident lawyer will help you focus on your recovery and be legally represented.

Truck Accidents

An accident involving a truck can cause severe trauma. Legal representation can help you get compensation and prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of you.

Motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries. An aggressive lawyer will help you focus on your recovery and ensure you get compensated.

Founded by Dustin in 2010, Maricic Law Firm is a prominent Temecula car accident law firm that has helped many victims to receive substantial financial compensation. Dustin Maricic, Esq. is a Temecula Valley resident. Maricic Law Firm was established by Dustin Maricic, Esq. to offer honest and competent legal representation to his Murrieta and Temecula neighbors. Dustin graduated from law school and worked in a large firm before realizing that clients weren't getting the attention they deserve. Many cases were handled by caseworkers who are not attorneys. Maricic Law Firm was founded by him with the desire to do things differently. He has grown his practice by focusing more on quality than quantity. To ensure each client gets the best possible compensation, he intentionally keeps his Temecula auto accident law firm small.

Contact Dustin Today To Get Started

Maricic Law Firm is a Temecula personal injuries attorney who will advocate for your best interests. Contact us if you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident. Fill out this form, call us or text us at (951) 676-8301, and Attorney Dustin will reach out to you personally for a free consultation.


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