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If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident? we are here to help you.In this blog post, we are going to discuss about #1 Top Rated Car Accident Lawyer Spanish, We aim to make it easier for you to find the best and #1 top-rated car accident lawyer in your area. Hope this blog post will solve your problem and gives you valuable information.

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Are you suffering from injuries due to an accident that caused personal injury? What exactly is a personal injury accident? A personal injury incident is an event that occurs following the careless, negligent, or reckless acts of an individual. Examples of personal injury incidents include truck accidents, car crashes, and rideshare collisions as well as pedestrian and motorcycle accidents, bicycle crashes as well as the occurrence of slip and fall injuries. Even though diverse personal injury accidents can cause different injuries, all victims of personal injuries could be able to file claims and claim compensation.

If you've suffered injuries by a personal injury incident you are entitled to a lawsuit to receive the compensation you deserve. Though the majority of victims of personal injuries have the right to file claims, however, a majority of Los Angeles victims do not seek legal action against individuals responsible for their injury. What is the reason why victims of personal injury accidents choose not to pursue legal action against the person accountable for their injury? In many instances of personal injury accidents, the victims choose not to take legal action to avoid the unnecessary costs involved in the filing of lawsuits. Others do not wish to dwell on their accident or injuries. Instead, they are focused on getting away from their injury as quickly as they can. In some cases, a language obstacle prevents victims from contacting skilled lawyers.

Within Los Angeles, California, more than 2 million people of four million residents of the city speak a different language than English. Around 40 percent of that city's population is composed of native Spanish people. Similar numbers apply to Los Angeles County as well. What does this mean? There is a huge Spanish-speaking population located in Los Angeles that is underrepresented by lawyers. While a small portion of 40% of people who is native Spanish people could be proficient in English Many people prefer speaking the language they are native to.

If you're part of the Spanish community of Los Angeles and you suffered an injury from a personal accident and you've searched without success to find a Spanish legal representative within Los Angeles County. Don't be discouraged from seeking a lawsuit against the person responsible for the victim for injuries. It is imperative to contact the Normandie Law Firm as quickly as you can.

Normandie Law Firm is a personal injury law firm located in Los Angeles County dedicated to aiding all victims of personal injuries, including those in the Spanish native community. If you are only fluent in Spanish or you feel more comfortable speaking Spanish it is important to call our law firm and ask to meet with an experienced Los Angeles accident lawyer who can speak Spanish. Our Spanish lawyer who is fluent in Spanish and has experience in cases involving accidents will review your case and provide all the details you require to submit your claim and receive the amount you are due. Get in touch with Normandie Law Firm today to start the legal process.

Liability for Personal Injury Accidents

Who is responsible for personal injuries? Who do you have to make action against? These are just a few concerns that many victims of personal injuries ask following an accident that caused injuries. Finding out who is responsible is among the most crucial aspects of an injury claim. You may require an attorney located in Los Angeles who speaks Spanish to assist you in identifying who is accountable to you for the injuries. In personal injury cases, is the responsibility of negligence. Negligence is made up of four components:

  • Care and duty
  • Infraction to duty
  • Cause
  • Harm

To establish the liability of a party, they are required to take an obligation to use reasonable care and prudence to ensure that they do not cause harm to other people. If their duty of care is violated the breach could result in an accident which may, in turn, cause harm to innocent people.

For instance, in automobile accidents, the responsibility of care rests with the drivers. Drivers should exercise caution and be aware of the traffic rules and signs, to ensure they don't cause injury or accident to innocent persons. A Spanish legal professional who speaks Spanish from Los Angeles, California would argue that the driver's negligence directly caused injuries to victims. The same principle applies to other personal injuries that occur. If the party who is obligated to you with a duty of care fails to fulfill their obligation and creates the accident that you suffered, then they may be held responsible for any injuries you suffer. For more information on the liability of personal injury accidents, consult a Spanish legal representative who is located in Los Angeles as soon as possible.

The Injuries Sustained in Personal Injury Accidents

The types of injuries that can be sustained during personal injury accidents differ based on the kind of accident that is sustained. The most frequent injuries include broken bones or back injuries, head injuries, neck injuries brain injuries, as well as traumatic brain injuries. The kind of injury suffered and the severity of the injury the victim may require extensive medical treatment that could result in medical bills. Most of the victims of personal injury accidents are not able to work due to their injuries. If the injuries that you sustained in your injury incident could have been life-altering, you may consider declaring a claim to be paid. If this is the case, seek out an attorney who handles personal injury claims and is located in Los Angeles, CA as early as you can.

Compensation Available for Recovery

If you seek out an injury lawyer from Los Angeles who speaks Spanish One of the initial questions you'll be asked could be regarding the worth of the claim. For many, knowing the potential value of their claims can help them determine whether or not they would like to pursue actions against the person accountable for their injury. If you're seeking to know more about the amount of compensation you could be entitled to, it is best to get in touch with a Spanish attorney for injury who is located in Los Angeles. Normandie Law Firm's Normandie Law Firm Spanish-speaking lawyers will review your claim and determine the elements that influence the value of your claim. A lot of victims of personal injuries can claim compensation in one or more of the following types of settlement:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Suffering and pain
  • Property damaged
  • Loss of consortium
  • Funeral and funeral cost
  • Punitive damages

As you can see, there are a variety of kinds of compensation options that are available to be recovered. If you choose to allow our Spanish attorney to handle claims, you will be assured that you'll receive the maximum amount of compensation that is available to you in your case. Our lawyers are committed to the achievement of your claim. Our attorneys will not stop until you get the compensation that you are due.

The Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims

If you've been the victim of an injury from an accident You must submit your claim within the period of limitations. The statute of limitations is a time frame applicable to all claims. It is a deadline for filing a lawsuit. The statute of limitations defines the time frame that plaintiffs must make their claims. Why do plaintiffs require an expiration date to file claims? Statutes of limitations were created to shield defendants from unfair claims filed after an incident takes place The longer that plaintiffs take to file their claim, the greater the chance that defendants are unable to refute those claims. Statutes of limitations also make sure that the plaintiffs make the claims in a manner urgent. What is the statute of limitation for a personal injury claim? The two-year statute of limitation applies to the majority of lawsuits involving personal injuries. Thus, those who suffer from personal injuries are given the time of two years before filing claims. If they don't submit their claim by the time frame set under the statutes of limitations they could lose the right to file an action. Alongside the limitation period, exceptions to the statute could alter the time frame you're given to make a claim. For more details on the limitations period and the possible exceptions to your case, it is best to reach out to the attorneys of Normandie Law Firm.

Normandie Law Firm

If you need an attorney who speaks Spanish and resides in Los Angeles, you can count on the legal professionals of Normandie Law Firm. The personal injury lawyers of Normandie Law Firm are dedicated to the Spanish community in Los Angeles. If you've suffered an injury and need to speak with our lawyers in the language you are comfortable speaking, which is Spanish. Our law firm provides free consultations as well as free Second opinions on Spanish so that each victim can access our legal support. Our free consultations and free second opinions our Spanish lawyers for personal injuries will be able to answer the questions you have and will address your questions. Our attorneys will give you all the details you require to successfully file a claim against the person responsible for the victim for the injuries. If you've been misinformed due to an incompetent attorney at the law firm of another, our lawyers will give you an additional opinion to clear any doubts or confusion and help you get your claim on track.

Free consultations as well as free second opinions are offered by our Zero-Fee Guarantee. Our Zero-Fee guarantee guarantees that our clients don't need to pay legal fees in advance to speak to our Spanish lawyer. Our Zero-Fee Guarantee also guarantees an absolute contingency condition. Our clients aren't required to pay legal charges until our Spanish legal team of personal injury lawyers succeeds in settling their cases. If you don't succeed in proving your case and get the amount you are due You will not be obliged to pay. Don't hesitate to contact the Los Angeles injury attorneys that are fluent in Spanish by calling Normandie Law Firm today.


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