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If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident? we are here to help you.In this blog post, we are going to discuss about #1 Top Rated Car Accident Lawyer Greenville SC, We aim to make it easier for you to find the best and #1 top-rated car accident lawyer in your area. Hope this blog post will solve your problem and gives you valuable information.

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Car accidents are a sad fact of modern life. The Federal Highway Administration reported that there were 2,842,553 licensed drivers in South Carolina and 95,796,069 across the United States in the most recent year. However, not all drivers use reasonable care to prevent others from being hurt. A Greenville car accident lawyer may be able to assist you in recovering fair and full compensation if you have been seriously injured in an accident.

Why choose us as your Car Accident Lawyers?

Our car accident lawyers at The Melonakos Law Firm, Greenville, South Carolina, help clients to restore their finances and health. To get our clients the right compensation, we take on the at-fault party or insurance companies. Our clients can stop worrying about their lives and get on with their lives. Your job as a personal injury client at The Melonakos Law Firm is to heal and move on to the next phase in your life. As you can see, we handle all the rest.

Our team has extensive experience in handling cases involving car accidents. We can focus more on the legal aspects of your case, which could help you get compensation. A former attorney representing insurance defense attorneys is part of our legal team. This gives us an insight into how insurance works and how to maximize your recovery. We have more than 30 years of experience and will fight for your rights in court.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

There are many reasons for car accidents, many of which involve driver error. Traffic crashes are most common because of:

  • Distracted driving: This could include texting, talking on cell phones, operating a GPS, setting up a stereo system, talking to passengers, or eating.
  • Driving while impaired: Alcohol, drugs, or prescription medication can cause impairment leading to car accidents.
  • Speeding: According to the laws of physics the slower a vehicle travels, the longer it takes for it to stop to avoid an accident.
  • Aggressive driving This refers to a combination of driving behaviors such as speeding, erratic changes in the lane, failure to yield the right-of-way, and failing to obey traffic signals and signs.
  • Tired driving: According to the National Safety Council, drivers who feel tired are three times more likely than others to get into an accident.

Who is responsible for a car accident?

South Carolina uses a fault system to determine who is responsible for a car accident. The driver responsible for the accident is either the driver or the driver's insurer. You have the right to:

  • You can file a claim with your insurance company. They will most likely reimburse the at-fault driver's insurance company.
  • You can file a third-party claim against the insurance company of the driver who caused the accident.
  • For your injuries and damages, you can bring a personal injury case against the driver who is at fault.

Why do you need a Greenville auto accident lawyer?

An adjuster will review all evidence available to determine fault when you file an insurance claim. The Melonakos Law Firm in Greenville can conduct a thorough investigation into your accident, preserve and present evidence, and negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf. Our knowledge and skills allow us to present a convincing claim and even take your case to court if necessary.

South Carolina Law on Car Accidents

South Carolina has many laws that prevent car accidents. The South Carolina Code of Laws includes a chapter titled "The Rules of the Road" in S.C. Code Ann. SS 56-5-10 et. seq. If a driver at fault causes a car accident, not only is he negligent but also violates South Carolina's Rules of the Road. The driver can be held responsible according to the law.

An experienced car accident lawyer will know that many car accidents are caused by violations of the same rules. We at The Melonakos Law Firm are familiar with these laws and can cross-examine at-fault drivers to learn more. We also know how to get the trial Judge to explain these rules to the jury. We make sure that jurors are well-versed in the driving laws when a case involving a car accident goes to trial.

These are some of the most common South Carolina driving laws that are violated in cases involving car accidents:

  • S.C. Code Ann. SS 56-5-1930 – Following too closely (i.e. Rear-ending another vehicle
  • S.C. Code Ann. SS 56-5-3230 – Failing to exercise due care
  • S.C. Code Ann. SS 56-5-2920 – Driving in reckless disregard for the safety and well-being of others
  • S.C. Code Ann. SS 56-5-1810 – Crossing the centerline into oncoming traffic
  • S.C. Code Ann. SS 56-5-1900 – Failure to maintain lane (changing lanes before it is safe and hitting the vehicle in front)
  • S.C. Code Ann. SS 56-5-995 - Failing to obey traffic signals (i.e. Running a red light
  • S.C. Code Ann. SS 56-5-2320 – Failure to yield when turning left
  • S.C. Code Ann. SS 56-5-3130 – Failure to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk
  • S.C. Code Ann. SS 56-5-33535 - Failure of passing bicycle at a safe distance
  • S.C. Code Ann. SS 56-5-2930- Driving while under the influence of alcohol, or any other drug
  • S.C. Code Ann. SS 56-5-1220 and SS 1230 - Hit and Run
  • S.C. Code Ann. SS 56-5-1520 – Speeding or driving too fast for conditions

How a Greenville Car Accident Lawyer can help you

Our personal injury lawyers at the Melonakos Law Firm have helped our clients recover more than $28 million. Our Greenville Car Accident lawyers can help you if you have been hurt in a car accident. Because we have a smaller caseload, we can provide the personal attention each client deserves. If you were involved in a serious accident involving a car due to the negligence of another, please contact us. (864) 585-5555. You can also fill out the form online, or use the chat to schedule a time that suits you. We can also meet you at your home or nearby if you don't own a car. Consultation with us about your car accident case is free.


Cervical Fusion

Mediation Settlement for our client, who was rear-ended and struck by a tractor-trailer. He also had neck surgery.


Lumbar surgery

Our client was rear-ended on I-285 by a Canadian Truck Driver. Driver and Company both denied any fault up to the time of settlement.


Cervical Fusion

Mediation Settlement for our client, who was rear-ended in an ambulance and had to have neck surgery.

Mike took care of me after I was involved in a serious accident. Although it was not an easy process, Mike made it very simple and held my hands the entire time. We won. Mike is like a lion, ripping off its prey. He was a fighter for me. Anyone who has been seriously hurt or is just getting hurt should contact him. His services and his company were excellent. Mike will fight for your rights so that you don't have to."

Kia A. - Greenville, SC



 Most people's stuck in a Car accident but don't know how to choose a car accident lawyer, but we always recommend an experienced lawyer in your area. finally, you met #1 Top Rated Car Accident Lawyer Greenville SC. Thanks for reading and keep supporting our blog.


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