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If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident? we are here to help you.In this blog post, we are going to discuss about #1 Top Rated Car Accident Lawyer Denver Colorado, We aim to make it easier for you to find the best and #1 top-rated car accident lawyer in your area. Hope this blog post will solve your problem and gives you valuable information.

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Accidents on the road continue to be a leading cause of death and injuries in Colorado with an average of over 600 fatalities and over 3000 serious injuries occurring each year in Colorado. Car accidents are the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 2 and 34 in America and are one of the most common causes of personal injury for people of all ages. Even the most careful drivers can be involved in unexpected situations that have the potential to injure or kill someone. In other instances, there are many dangerous drivers on the road who disregard safe driving practices and operate their vehicles recklessly and without any regard for the safety of other motorists. In both scenarios, this can lead to serious car crashes where people get injured and need to hire a personal injury attorney.

It is estimated that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that around 6 million accidents involving 2.6 million people occur each throughout the United States. While not all car accidents result in injuries or deaths but a large portion of them happen to result in death or injury. If you reside in Denver and you've been injured in a crash and you need a reliable Denver car accident lawyer at the side of your case to make sure you're adequately represented and can recover the compensation you're entitled to. Professionally-trained Denver car accident attorneys will effectively assess the circumstances that are involved in the case. They will identify the person who is at fault, assist you in getting medical treatment through specialists, engage experts, and provide you with the best options. The lawyers of Whalen Injury Lawyers make an impactful change to your situation!

Common Causes of Denver Car Accidents:

  • Careless and reckless driving This includes drivers who don't pay at all times to the road when they drive and cause dangerous circumstances and conditions that make it unsafe for them and the other drivers on the road.
  • Criminal violations of traffic: When a violation of traffic laws occurs and another driver does not recognize it and creates an accident.
  • Distracted driving such as texting while driving: In Colorado, 15% of motor vehicle accidents are caused by texting and driving/distracted driving.
  • Driving impaired: close to 1/3rd (27 percent) of all accidents involving cars resulted from impaired or drunk drivers.
  • Inability to maintain a good eye on the road: situations where drivers are following other drivers too closely or try to turn or drive over vehicles in a reckless way that leads to an accident.
  • Speeding too fast for the conditions: If motorists do not alter their driving habits by slowing down their speed and taking more caution when visibility, snow, or rain could be poor, this could cause an accident in the car.
  • Road conditions that are not ideal and construction are more frequent among drivers who are unfamiliar with the region, where the terrain and construction could result in conditions that may not be obvious or when drivers don't adapt or her driving according to the weather conditions in the area and can result in accidents in the car.
  • poor road condition: poor road conditions due to weather or construction could result in death-inducing car collisions in Denver, particularly for drivers who aren't as experienced with rainy or snowy driving conditions.
  • Failure to yield Right of Way: where motorists have the legal right to let others travel first before they go recklessly, infringing on someone else's right of way. This could cause a car accident.
  • Signals that are not properly used: drivers not following the proper rules of driving and manners, for example, signal use or disregarding signals, could result in accidents.
  • Defective vehicles: vehicles that are not well maintained or not properly serviced could cause accidents too as bad broken equipment or blowouts.

Common Injuries to Occur:

The most frequent car accident injuries that may result are:

  • Head injuries to the head
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Ankle, knee, and leg injuries
  • Injury to the shoulder
  • Hip injuries

Common Types of Auto Accidents:

Did you be aware that numerous types of automobile accidents may be caused? They can include:

T-bone collisions: T-bone car accidents are among the most frequent kinds of accidents. In a T-bone accident, one vehicle is struck by the sides of another vehicle, creating a "T" shape at the point of impact. This is usually caused by a driver who doesn't allow the other vehicle the right to use the right of way.

DUI accidents of more than 10,000 drunk accident drivers are killed across the United States EVERY year, which is according to an amount of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, making drunk driving among the most frequent types and causes, of automobile accidents.

Inability to yield: a crash involving a failure to yield involves one driver who is under the legal obligation of yielding to the rights of way, but does not do so and results in a collision with another vehicle. This could include not yielding to red and yellow traffic lights, warning signs for yield, merging excessively quickly, and not paying attention to rights of way for pedestrians.

Car accidents at intersections: intersection car accidents are a different type of crash. Around 50 percent of ALL car accidents happen at intersections.

Rear-end collisions with cars: most times, in rear-end accidents the driver in the rear will be the driver who is blamed in the crash.

Some Denver Auto Accident Statistics

Since Denver is the largest city in Colorado It's not a surprise that it is home to the largest amount of serious injuries due to car accidents every year, which is more than 100 times more than the nearest city. The research shows that the number of serious injury cases is 478 per year in Denver as a result of accidents in cars and 49 of them result in deaths per year (4th most in Colorado in terms of deaths).

Auto Accident Statutes in Colorado

In Colorado, it is legal to file an expiration date for various types of personal accident injuries. In the case of auto accidents, there require three years from the date of the incident to claim for injury. In the case of auto accidents that result in deaths or wrongful deaths, the statute of limitations is for two years.

In light of these statutes, car accidents, and fatalities due to accidents in the car, it is essential to get an attorney by your side to guide you through the process of claiming and defending. It is essential to engage an attorney as soon as possible to safeguard your rights as well as save crucial evidence that is in the possession of the insurer of the defendant in the case. What happens following the accident could have an impact on the outcome and the quality of your injury case.

Common Questions When Hiring a Denver Car Accident Attorney

Do I stand to make more money If I engage an attorney?

In a study that was conducted recently, it was discovered that accident victims could receive the equivalent of 3.5 percent more if they employ an attorney.

What is a personal injury lawsuit?

If you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit it is the legal process following the filing of a lawsuit. It occurs between two parties who seek to ensure or defend rights under the supervision of a court.

The process of determining and proving the fault of another is a frequent problem when you are trying to make action against an insurance company. You can file an action and employ a Denver lawyer for car accidents. Sometimes, it's difficult to establish that someone else is at fault in a car crash situation. A police citation issued after an auto accident isn't a definitive way to determine the fault of the other driver. Your attorneys will still have to establish the cause of the accident beyond the traffic citation that was issued to the driver who was not in the accident. The citations are often not admissible in court, so your attorney has to employ experts to establish the extent of responsibility. This requires obtaining images of the scene and traffic camera footage body camera recordings, 911 audio calls, and CAD records, gathering witnesses' information and testimony as well as obtaining police reports and discussing with experts on accident reconstruction regarding the cause and force behind the crash. Sometimes the evidence of cellphone use by the driver in question can frequently alter the course of the case, however, this evidence must be collected within a limited amount of time following the collision. Engaging an attorney to manage the investigation and preserve evidence is essential for the success of a personal injury case.

Why should I choose an attorney in a car accident?

A lot of people don't know whether or not it is a good idea to engage an attorney in their situation. Attorneys earn significant sums of money from settlements for personal injuries and settlements and having a lawyer lets you focus on recovery and treatment instead of dealing with insurance firms. Adjusters for insurance companies as well as defense lawyers are trained to lower their value in your situation. Your attorney for injury will prepare the case by conducting an investigation that establishes strategies for advantages against an insurance firm as well as the driver that caused the accident. The attorneys of your firm will ensure that experts are employed if they are required, and funds are allocated to future medical treatment and possibly diminished earning capacity for employment via legal channels that people do not think about. The law and procedure to establish liability are complicated, and employing our law firm to assist you to navigate through the legal process is a wise choice. You require a skilled team of lawyers to provide the most effective representation for your situation.

Make more money when engaging an attorney

The study was published in the journal The Insurance Research Council, the study recently concluded that those who suffer personal injuries such as car accident victims that are represented by counsel get 3.5 times more in settlements compared to people who opt to be without representation.

The study also found that over 88% of legally represented plaintiffs have been able to secure a favorable settlement.

What Should You Look for in a Denver Car Accident Attorney?

There are a variety of Denver attorneys for car accidents alike and that's why you should be looking at a few factors in the event you choose a lawyer to hire.

Experience can go quite a way! A skilled attorney has likely dealt with your case before and, thus, can make the casework to your advantage.

Reputation matters! A reputable lawyer can increase the odds of receiving a favorable settlement, and also avoid the hassle and expense of trial. Be sure to investigate the background of your attorney, their distinctions and awards, previous results, and leadership positions in the legal profession, read online reviews, and speak with the clients of lawyers when you seek to hire one.

Compatibility. While reputation and experience go in a big way, making sure that you're compatible with your attorney is important. Selecting an attorney you feel comfortable working with and are sure will be adamant in their work is essential.

We are Whalen Injury Lawyers, our Denver car accident lawyers are highly experienced and trustworthy and tirelessly work for the benefit of our customers. Find out more about the reasons you should select Whalen Injury Lawyers here.

Why Choose Whalen Injury Lawyers?

Whalen Injury Lawyers is a group of experienced, dedicated Denver car accident lawyers that are recognized as the top experts in Personal Injury Law and Colorado Civil Practice. Our highly skilled lawyers know the devastating impact a car crash could be, regardless of the reason. We're here to ensure you are compensated fairly for the injuries, disfigurement, loss of your property income, and earnings capacity that you're suffering as a result of a car crash. Damages in car accidents comprise, but are not restricted to:

  • Emotional Distress
  • Diminished Quality of Life
  • Loss of Property
  • Financial Losses
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Permanent Physical Impairment
  • Punitive Damages
  • And much more!

Insurance companies are often tempted to settle claims too quickly, often which can result in a one-sided settlement that fails to comprehend the full extent that you've suffered. Our experienced staff comprised of Denver car accident lawyers diligently represents our clients against insurance companies and corporate entities when it comes to personal injury cases. We fight these big corporations and businesses on behalf of you, and we have a long-standing record of success on behalf of our customers. Our car accident lawyers who have won awards are experienced trial lawyers with results-driven success in Personal Injury Law. We have been able to represent many clients and secured thousands of dollars of compensation in cases involving car accidents.

At Whalen Injury Lawyers, we provide our clients with a new method of representing personal injuries. The lawyers of our firm develop clear, genuine, trustworthy, and solid relationships with you and will work with you to make sure that you receive the medical treatment you require, the help you need, and the support your loved ones rely on in the event of personal injury matters.

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