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If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident? we are here to help you.In this blog post, we are going to discuss about #1 Top Rated Car Accident Lawyer Alexandria VA, We aim to make it easier for you to find the best and #1 top-rated car accident lawyer in your area. Hope this blog post will solve your problem and gives you valuable information.

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Tom Curcio has dedicated his 35 years of practice to the law of personal injuries throughout Northern Virginia, a region that has a population of two million and a growing road network. Curcio Law's Curcio Law team has represented hundreds of injured victims in car collisions. The civil justice system we have in place is built on the premise that all drivers are required to take reasonable care when driving. In the context of driving reasonable care refers to adhering to the laws that govern the roadway, i.e., stopping at stop signs and adhering to speed limits. If a motorist violates a traffic law or causes an accident and causes injury or death to somebody the driver is legally responsible to compensate the person injured for the damages resulting from their negligence.

Damages are compensation for the medical expenses incurred as well as the loss of earnings and physical injuries, as well as physical pain, mental suffering, and disruption. To effectively represent clients in an auto-related case it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of traffic laws, an in-depth knowledge of insurance policies for cars and the law that relates to them, a familiarity with anatomy and medical terms as well as the ability to communicate with medical professionals and trial expertise. Curcio Law's team Curcio Law has the necessary knowledge and know-how needed.

Common reasons for car Accidents in Virginia

Despite the ever-changing safety features of vehicles and stricter laws regarding driving automobiles, truck, and motorcycle accidents happen frequently on Virginia's highways and roads. The causes for these accidents differ however, many are avoidable if drivers spend the time to learn about the most prevalent dangers on the road.

Here are a few of the most frequent reasons for car accidents that result in injuries to personnel in the Alexandria region:

  • Driving under the influence. Driving under the effects of alcohol or drugs presents one of the greatest dangers for both drivers and passengers. Drug use can impair the motor skills of drivers and limits their ability to react effectively to traffic situation.
  • The speed. Traveling too fast causes drivers to have less time to take action to prevent the possibility of a crash. It also tends to increase the severity of accidents.
  • Driving distracted. While other causes of car accidents are declining but the amount incidents caused by driving distracted is growing. Cell phones can distract drivers and present dangers to everyone else on the roadway, including pedestrians, drivers as well as cyclists.
  • driver exhaustion. Unfortunately, driver fatigue is also becoming an underlying factor in motor vehicle crashes. This is especially the case within Northern Virginia. Northern Virginia area where we are working long hours and where people spend a considerable amount of time traveling between work and home. If drivers are exhausted they tend to make mistakes while driving which can result in devastating consequences. The drivers of 18-wheelers are more vulnerable to this risk.
  • aggressive driver. Impatient or pushy drivers display behaviors that could increase the chance of a car accident. They may be driving in a hurry, changing lanes frequently and not yielding to other vehicles, and flashing their lights at other drivers.
  • The Weather. Although we cannot influence the weather, it's crucial to be aware that it could have a huge impact on motorists' safety while driving.

Distracted driving

Because mobile phones are ubiquitous and are an extremely well-known distractor on the road Many states like Virginia have passed laws to limit the use of cell phones when driving. Although the Commonwealth has not completely banned the use of cell phones while driving, however, they have made it unlawful for motorists who are under who are 18 years old to use their cell phones. Additionally, all drivers, no matter their age, are prohibited from text messages when operating a motor vehicle.

What do you do after a car crash in Virginia

  1. The first and most important thing is to ensure your safety. Pull the car away from the road as far as you can and switch on your hazard lights. Take your vehicle off the road and keep clear of the road and any other vehicles. Unfortunately, many crashes result when a driver crashes into a disabled vehicle on an unpaved road. Be sure to check yourself, your passengers, as well as the passengers of other vehicles for injuries. Call 911 if medical attention is required.
  2. Make a call to an officer. Police officers may make a report on the extent of damage to vehicles or injuries that are involved. Even if there is no full report prepared, the police could issue a citation for the driver responsible and assist in the exchange of information between involved drivers.
  3. Be honest and don't admit to fault. After the accident, you might be interrogated by medical professionals, police officers as well as insurance companies. Answer the questions truthfully, but leave it up to the judge, officer, or insurance provider to determine the fault.
  4. Contact information for exchange. You will need to gather the relevant information for the other driver including name, address, telephone number, insurance company's policy number, and driver's license numbers. Don't forget to collect the contact details and names of any witnesses present. The more information you collect the more you can use it to your advantage. But, if the driver behind you is unfriendly or unable to be approached simply wait for the authorities to appear. They will assist in the sharing of data.
  5. Take Pictures. Nowadays, almost everybody has a smartphone equipped with a camera. In the process of claiming it is extremely useful to have photographs of the cars involved as well as the spot where the accident took place. Also, take a few photos when you're at the scene.
  6. Contact your insurance company. You are required by the terms of your car insurance contract to inform your insurance provider after a crash has occurred immediately. It is also essential that drivers know the insurance coverage they have and what type of insurance they carry. (What you should be aware of about your insurance policy)
  7. Get medical attention if you need it: It is possible to feel normal right after the crash however, symptoms from accidents usually manifest several hours and days after the crash. It is recommended to seek medical attention if symptoms begin to manifest, which can aid in speeding your recovery. Here's an overview of the most common car accidents and injuries to be aware of that might require attention by a physician earlier than later.
    1. head injuries and head injuries during car accidents can vary from a mild concussion which is accompanied by short-lasting symptoms like headaches, to more severe concussions that can lead to cognitive problems, and even visible brain damage and brain, like bleeding. Pay attention to your cognitive function following collisions, which could signal that you require prompt medical treatment.
    2. Neck and back injuries The severe physical force that is imposed on the neck, head, and back during an accident can result in sprains and strains of ligaments and muscle disc herniations, and fractures of bones in the spine.
    3. Face injuries The severe forces that result from an accident can result in the face and head rubbing against the car's passenger compartment, and causing injuries that range from cuts and bruises to fractured facial bones, broken teeth, and scalp injuries, as well as an eye injury.
    4. Broken bones The unfortunate reality is that it is quite normal for bones all over the body to break in a crash when your body moves around in the passenger compartment, or when the passenger compartment gets damaged when a crash occurs. Common fractures are fractured arms, ribs, wrists feet, legs, and. Be wary of swelling or persistent pain or the inability to carry weight, all of which indicate the need for immediate medical treatment.
    5. Intimate injuries In more serious automobile accidents, any of a variety of internal organs may be damaged. The most common are lung punctures and spleens that have ruptured. These injuries need immediate medical treatment.
    6. Traumatic psychological injury The experience of being involved in a serious accident can be a terrifying event, with emotional effects which range from anxiety and depression to a more severe and persistent condition like PTS. These emotional problems can cause diverse effects and are worth seeking help from an expert medical professional if they are detected.

Get in touch with an expert Alexandria car accident attorney

Also, if you or someone close to you was injured in a truck, car, or bus crash it is best served by seeking out a lawyer who is experienced in dealing with such cases. This type of consultation will assist you in understanding your rights and the best way to ensure they are protected. Our team from Curcio Law is ready to help you.
To set up your appointment to meet with one of our expert legal team, contact Curcio Law at 703-836-3366 or reach us at our Alexandria Office on the website.


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