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If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident? we are here to help you.In this blog post, we are going to discuss about Boynton Beach Car Accident Lawyer, We aim to make it easier for you to find the best and #1 top-rated car accident lawyer in your area. Hope this blog post will solve your problem and gives you valuable information.

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The team at Frankl Kominsky, our Car Accident Lawyers in Boynton Beach understands how difficult it is to collect the costs of medical bills as well as lost wages from an accident. Our legal team of experts has helped over 6000 clients obtain compensation and continue to live their lives.

Based on the Florida Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles report, in 2022 the number of accidents was more than 46,000 auto crashes throughout Palm Beach County. In addition, the report stated that out of all automobile accidents, more than 180 caused deaths.

Palm Beach County Crash Statistics

  • Car Accidents involve Pedestrian 595 deaths with 42 deaths
  • Bicycle accidents that involve a driver 422
  • Crash on motorcycles: 450 and 28 deaths
  • Hit & Run Accidents: 7,449 deaths, including 13 fatalities

Top 14 Types of Car Accidents in Boynton Beach, Florida

Auto Accidents Involving A Distracted DriverIf a driver is intent on something other than driving. This can include texting, eating and adjusting the navigation, or switching the radio station
Head-On CollisionsIf two cars collide head-on. This is among the riskiest kinds of car accidents that occur in Palm Beach County
Accidents Caused By A Negligent DriverThis happens when a driver isn't following traffic signs or signals such as road rage or driving recklessly.
T-Bone or Side Impact CollisionsIt happens when the rear of a vehicle collides with the rear of a vehicle. It is also called the "T-Bone" accident "T-Bone" accident.
Sideswipe CollisionsThis could happen when two vehicles travel together, and one merges into a separate vehicle and does not see the other vehicle.
Rear-End CollisionsThis could happen when one vehicle is stopped at a signal and the vehicle behind does not stop in time or if the driver became distracted by the traffic and did not take note of it.
Tired Drowsy, Tired, or tiredThis happens because the person driving is suffering from a condition of exhaustion due to the lack of sleep. A tired driver can impact the ability of a driver to remain focused and alert.
Drink Driving, or driving while under The Influence of Alcohol or DrugsDriving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is illegal in a majority of states. This increases the likelihood of causing injury to another person in an auto crash.
Hit & Run AccidentsIf a reckless driver is involved in a collision with another vehicle before fleeing from the site of the accident.
Speeding or Failing to Obey Traffic LawsThis happens when a car moving at a high rate is involved in a collision with another vehicle.
Rollover AccidentsIt could happen when drivers lose control of the vehicle and it rolls onto the roof of their vehicle. This is usually the case with the most heavy-duty vehicles, such as SUVs, Trucks, and Vans.
MVA or Multiple Vehicle Accidents or CollisionsThis can happen when two or more vehicles meet.
Single-Car AccidentsThis can be caused by road debris and potholes. It could also be caused by drivers not avoiding potholes or stationary objects while trying to keep from injuring someone else.
Texting and Driving or Trying to Record or Post to Social MediaThis happens when a reckless driver turns their attention away from the road to answer a text message, email, or make a post on social media.

Top 9 Most Dangerous Intersections for Car Accidents in Palm Beach County

Glades Road & 411 or State Road 7 in Boca Raton

Atlantic Ave & Military Trail in Delray Beach

Military Trail & Forest Hill in West Palm Beach

In 2022 Which Law Enforcement Agency Responded to Car Accidents that occurred in Palm Beach County?

  • Police Department: 43.15% or 11,634
  • Palm Beach County Sheriff Department: 39.92% or 10,763
  • Florida Highway Patrol: 16.91% or 4,560

What are the most common Injuries Following a Car Crash in Palm Beach County?

Serious Injuries

Concussions, Broken Skull, Traumatic Brain Injury: Signs and symptoms of a traumatic brain injury can include mood swings, an excessive amount of anger or anxiety, and poor speech, such as difficulties in forming sentences, speech slurred, or behaviors that change, like unusual crying, laughing or the constant repetition of actions or words

Spinal Cord Injuries The signs of a spinal injury are issues walking, difficulty moving your legs or arms, loss of control over the bowel and bladder discomfort, and stiffness in the back or neck region.

Broken or fractured bones The signs of a fractured or broken bone may include swelling or bleeding over the area affected by extreme pain, particularly when you apply pressure or when you attempt the bone to be moved, apparent fracture, and diminished function of the area of injury.

Internal bleeding The signs of internal bleeding include breathing problems and chest pain. It can also cause dizziness, particularly when standing and urinating, and abdominal pain.

Other Accident Related Injuries Include:

  • Soft Tissue Injuries and Whiplash
  • Lacerations, cuts, scrapes, and road rash.
  • Herniated Discs or Back Injuries
  • Dislocated Shoulders, Hips, Knees

Florida Car Accidents: What Damages Can You Claim

Medical expenses if you've suffered injuries in a car accident and suffered injuries, it is crucial to seek the medical attention that you require to ensure complete recovery. If you require surgery chiropractic therapy, physical therapy, MRIs, or need prescription medication for pain, you can include these costs in your settlement claim.

Extended or Long Term Medical Care
If you've been involved in a catastrophic auto accident and sustained injuries, they could be so severe that they require long-term or extended medical treatment, such as medical home care as a homemaker, rehabilitation, or physical therapy.

Modifications to Your Home or Vehicle to Accommodate a Disability
If the accident you suffered leaves you with a permanent (or short-term) handicap, you may require adjustments to your lifestyle and homes like a wheelchair or stairlift, or customizing your car or your home to be wheelchair-friendly. These are the additional expenses associated with disability that must be covered by the responsible party.

Current and Future Lost Wages or Loss of Earning Capacity
If an individual is injured from a car accident and suffers injuries, they must concentrate on their overall health as well as healing. This could mean that they have to be absent from their normal work schedule to undergo treatment with a physical therapist, MRIs, or chiropractic treatments.

In rare instances, victims could result in serious injuries that affect their ability of the victim to perform their job or perform routine tasks. This is common among those who work in industries that require physical exertion like mechanics, repairmen, or construction workers.

How Our Boynton Beach Accident Attorneys Can Help You

With the increase in population in Boynton Beach and Palm Beach County chances of getting injured during a car accident continues to increase. If you or someone you care about suffers injury because of someone else's recklessness, we invite you to contact our injury firm.

Although many law firms provide various professional services in the legal field, it's important to consider the advice from an attorney who specializes in accidents, not one who is specialized in divorce, criminal, or family law.

We Boynton Beach Personal Injury Lawyers could be able to review the details of your case like the cause and the scene of the incident along with your injuries and medical records, as well as how the accident affected your life. We can assist you in the process of claiming insurance.

Free Legal Advice After A Car Accident

What You Should and Should Not Do After A Car Accident in Florida

  1. You should never Leave the scene of the accident
  2. You should contact The Boynton Beach Police Department or the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department to report the accident.
    1. Request Your Police Report Here
  3. You must document your accident scene, by taking pictures and videos of the damage to the property Take note of witness statements and contact details
  4. It is recommended to call EMS or go to an emergency room or urgent care to receive immediate medical attention. Take note that if you're searching for a nearby hospital to your home, these hospitals can help victims of car accidents:
    1. Bethesda East - Open 24/7
    2. Bethesda West - Open 24/7
    3. All urgent and hospital care facilities are located in Boynton Beach
  5. You should never speak to Insurance Companies for Property Damage and injuries or provide an official declaration.
  6. Contact us to schedule A Free Consultation with our Injury Lawyers

Florida Statutes: Boynton Beach Car Accidents

In Florida, the time limit for bringing an injury lawsuit that involves the negligence of a person is 4 (4) days from when you first experienced the incident. If the statute of limitations expires and you do not file a lawsuit, you'll lose the possibility of bringing the lawsuit.

Hire Our Boynton Accident Attorneys Today

At Frankl Kominsky we aim to provide every client with professional legal representation and precise handling of cases, along with exceptional customer service. As a client, you'll have our entire team of experienced injury specialists to assist you.

We Standby You

If you or someone you love has been injured in a Boynton Car Accident, our injury lawyers can provide a free consultation at home or in a hospital. Contact us at 561-701-9992 to talk with one of our lawyers for auto accidents today.


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