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If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident? we are here to help you.In this blog post, we are going to discuss about #1 Top Rated Car Accident Lawyer Phoenix AZ, We aim to make it easier for you to find the best and #1 top-rated car accident lawyer in your area. Hope this blog post will solve your problem and gives you valuable information.

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It's easy to experience overwhelmed and anxious after a car accident in particular if there is a serious injury is at play. There are certain steps you need to make to ensure your health and the legitimacy of an injury claim. This includes speaking to our experienced and dependable Phoenix car accident lawyers.

We've broken them down into three essential steps to follow in the aftermath of a car, truck, or motorcycle accident that causes injury or death in Phoenix:

  1. Seek immediate medical attention A lot of accident victims don't even recognize that they've been injured until the next day following the incident, or after. The failure to seek medical attention could result in a severe injury that is left untreated. Doctors will also give an exact copy of the injury, which could be connected to the accident.
  2. Note The Accident Scene It's rare that one of our auto accident victims uses a mobile phone. After exchanging insurance details and information with another party you should take photos of the scene of the accident as well as any damages to the vehicle and if the airbags are correctly in use. Although the police often record the scene, however, it is advisable to keep your notes of the scene and damage also.
  3. contact Goldberg & Osborne - Insurance personnel are taught to give you, the accident victims, the least amount of as they can. Contacting our Goldberg & Osborne car accident injury team first -- absolutely no cost -- can assist you in understanding your rights, defending your rights, and fighting for the amount you're entitled to. We'll handle the insurance companies as well as endless paperwork so that you can focus on physical and mental healing.

Arizona Car Accident Statute of Limitations

In Arizona state, which includes Arizona including Phoenix Car accident victims are given only two years from the date of their accident to make a personal lawsuit for injury or wrongful deaths. If a victim of a car crash or their family members wait longer than two years, then they are not eligible to claim damages.

Because Arizona is a state of comparative fault which means that the person who is at fault in an automobile or car accident is accountable for the damage that results due to the accident. Goldberg & Osborne works exclusively with clients who are injury victims of car accidents and were not the cause of the incident.

The Insurance Companies aren't on Your Side

If you call your car insurance provider following an accident, it's the responsibility of the adjuster to make sure that you receive as little as is feasible from your policy.

Adjusters can even fool you into thinking that you don't require an attorney for personal injury. Why do they make this claim? Because they understand that the involvement of an attorney for personal injuries means they'll need to pay more and make more money if they can pay the victim lower.

Why should you choose Goldberg & Osborne's Phoenix Car Accident Lawyers

From 1989 onward, Goldberg & Osborne has been the top legal firm in the field of injury. Here are a few reasons for this:

  • More than 100,000 injuries claims successfully were settled
  • Recovered more than $2 billion from our customers
  • There are as many certified specialists in personal injury and fraudulent death as any other Arizona law firm in the field of injury
  • More offices than any Arizona legal firm
  • More than 1700 favorable Google reviews and Facebook reviews from customers

You may have stumbled upon Goldberg & Osborne because you were looking for the "best automobile accident attorneys close to me" or something comparable. If that is the case, you should feel certain that you have made the right decision in choosing Goldberg & Osborne. Goldberg & Osborne Phoenix personal injury lawyers to assess your injury claim.

The process of evaluating all the potential causes of a devastating automobile accident is the responsibility of a skilled Arizona lawyer for car accidents. In addition, auto injury victims may require assistance from a lawyer to locate the right medical professional or make arrangements for the doctor to be paid until the case is settled.

If you or someone close to you was injured by a motor vehicle accident, call or text (602) 808-6100or contact us via our mail to get started on your case review for free.

You're Not owed a dime until the Case Is Resolved or Contained in Court

One of the first inquiries we receive frequently from our customers is what they will have to pay to get Goldberg & Osborne to represent their case in an auto accident claim.

Goldberg & Osborne works on the "contingency" fee structure. That means our Phoenix lawyer for car accidents doesn't charge our clients even a dime until their case is successfully resolved with the insurance company or firms, or settled in in-court.

Uber as well as Lyft Vehicle Accidents

With the rise of Uber and Lyft car accident injuries, and having successfully resolved rideshare car accident injuries that we have already handled under our belts, Goldberg & Osborne is in a position to win or settle these kinds of cases that involve the driver or passenger(s).

Do I require a Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer?

The answer is simple: yes. Auto insurance companies are funded by big corporations and possess ample resources to make sure that their clients get paid minimum. A seasoned and aggressive Phoenix lawyer for automobile accidents such as Mike Moldoveanu at Goldberg & Osborne has been fighting for many years with insurance companies to secure the justice that accident victims are entitled to. This is not just your insurance adjuster who is the individual the insurance company assigns to deal with your claim. However, there is also an insurance adjuster from the insurance company for the other driver. Since 1989, it's been the goal of Goldberg &Osborne to ensure that our auto accident clientele is treated with attention and respect and is not abused by any insurance company associated with the claim for injury or lawsuit. Contact us by phone or text at (602)-808-6100, to get an evaluation for free of your possible Phoenix car accident claim.

What do you think of these Arizona automobile crash Statue of Limitations?

It is believed that the Arizona statute of Limitations for any personal injury case that includes Phoenix automobile wreck injury cases are exactly two years after the day an injury caused by the negligence of another party was suffered. It is the only exemption if a victim isn't aware of the injury until after the incident was a reality. An attorney from Goldberg & Osborne's accident injury lawyer can explain the details of this law concerning an injury claim that could be filed.

How can I locate the most effective Phoenix car accident lawyer?

The most common question we hear from the clients we work with before locating and engaging Goldberg & Osborne is "how do I locate the best Phoenix lawyers for car accidents?" Many of our clients contact us via the combination of referrals from previous clients, our ads, and word-of-mouth recommendations supported by a tradition of excellence. Don't be deceived by tricks like badges and awards that are issued by online organizations in which the lawyer or law firm simply pays to be recognized. Check out the track record of the law firm and how long they've been in operation. Reviews on the internet are crucial because they provide an impression of how a company will treat its clients. But, don't be deterred by reviews that are negative from potential clients who feel rejected because they believed they had a valid legal claim but were not. This is a common occurrence.

How do I expect the process of my Phoenix automobile accident case or suit last?

There isn't a single absolute response Goldberg & Osborne can tell our clients who are asked this question at the beginning of an instance. Each case has its unique aspects that affect the time it takes to finish. For instance, the extent that our client's injuries and/or injuries determine the length of time they will require medical attention and treatment and this will determine the amount we'll demand in settlement from insurance companies for the settlement. In certain cases where a settlement can't be reached within the time frame required and we are unable to settle, we can start an action to sue the insurance firm and then try the case at civil courts.

Factors that are contributing factors to the cause of Car Accidents and Injury

The majority of car accidents result from driver errors. If more drivers would slow down their speed and speed, and also drive more cautiously and less aggressively, there would be fewer accidents. More Arizona accidents occur due to drivers driving too fast in the conditions than any other traffic violation.

Other elements could contribute to accidents in motor vehicles. For instance, certain vehicles may have design flaws that could result in an accident. An accelerator that is stuck or has a tendency to roll even while operating in the right way for the conditions are only two examples. Parts that are poorly designed or manufactured or the overall design of the vehicle could cause an accident or worsened injuries.

Defective manufacturer-installed parts such as safety belts, brake devices, tires, and other vehicle components have all been implicated as factors in allowing injuries to become more severe than they might have been. Although the government continues to be a sign of consumer demand for safer vehicles, many companies wait till these crucial safety features are required before adopting the safety features.

As an example, if your car is in motion, certain car models require you to press the brakes down before you can choose Drive or Reverse. If the manufacturer of your vehicle has added such a feature to your vehicle, then you are entitled to the right to believe that it is going to function. Many people have died in car accidents because some automobile makers haven't included this safety feature.

Additionally, certain drivers have experienced the transmission slide into reverse when their vehicle was in park. A repair that costs under $5.00 could have stopped the incident. In the same way, design flaws in airbags and seat belts can make car accidents more dangerous when these safety devices fail.

Accidents in cars can also be the result of poor mechanical performance. For instance, after a tire replacement, the tire gets blown off, and driving the vehicle loses control of the car. The garage that performed the work may be responsible for any damages to property or personal injury that is caused to you as well as anyone else.

Additionally, motor vehicle accidents could be the result of inadequately maintained roads and bad road designs. This could be caused by banks of the road, so that centripetal force can be used against the vehicle at speeds that might be expected. Inability to keep damaged areas in good repair and allowing drains to blockage, so that water dries on the road can pose risk to the safety of drivers. The absence of controls for traffic in zones with heavy traffic and the confusion of traffic control signals are also contributing to accidents involving cars. In all these scenarios government entities could be held accountable if a serious accident or death happens because of these causes.


 Most people's stuck in a Car accident but don't know how to choose a car accident lawyer, but we always recommend an experienced lawyer in your area. finally, you met #1 Top Rated Car Accident Lawyer Phoenix AZ. Thanks for reading and keep supporting our blog.


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