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If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident? we are here to help you.In this blog post, we are going to discuss about Best Car Accident Lawyer in California, We aim to make it easier for you to find the best and #1 top-rated car accident lawyer in your area. Hope this blog post will solve your problem and gives you valuable information.

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An auto crash is a stressful time. stressful. There's a lot to consider following a car accident injury that ranges from medical bills to the loss of income to psychological and physical suffering.

The California auto accident lawyer of GJEL is here to guide you through this stressful moment.

Have Your Case Reviewed by one of our Car Accident Lawyers for FREE

A lawyer for auto accidents should examine your case! It's free or obligation.

Our expertise in the field of auto accident litigation is vast. GJEL's lawyers will: GJEL will:

  • Make sure you receive the proper medical treatment
  • Examine your accident
  • Review medical evidence to determine whether injuries have occurred.
  • Calculate losses
  • Maximize the amount you receive

Our accident attorneys are on hand to help you understand your legal options as well as advise you on the most effective way for you to move forward and will do everything we can to ease the pressure you're feeling after the accident.

We Are An Award-Winning Car Accident Injury Law Firm

GJEL Accident Attorneys was just named a top Amputation Injury legal firm in the Best Lawyers for 2021 and 2022. We've also secured over 950 million dollars with a success rate of 99% for people who suffered injuries in a motor accident.

Our lawyers for car accidents have the knowledge and experience needed to prevail in your case. Amputation injuries and serious injuries are among GJEL Accident attorneys' expertise. GJEL Accident Attorney won't treat you like a case file.

Should You Contact a Car Accident Attorney After Your Car Accident?

do-you-need-lawyer-ca-car-accident Motor Vehicle accidents are responsible for a large portion of the state's injury and death lawsuits. While many accidents share the same traits, each one has its unique characteristics and ought to be thoroughly investigated to guarantee a full financial settlement.

In the case of smaller accidents, likely, you don't require an attorney. Even in the case that you need an attorney for auto accidents Consultations are always at no cost. If you're not sure then make use of the Contact form or give us an e-mail and request.

The more serious the incident the more likely to benefit from the guidance of a seasoned lawyer for auto accidents. Adjusters and insurers can try to profit from those who aren't represented by an experienced attorney who is familiar with California legal law. Insurance companies aren't there to protect your best interests. Likewise, those involved in a serious accident are unlikely to "come out ahead" in a settlement of a claim without consulting with a lawyer.

How We Can Help

We're here to help you with all your questions. If we believe you require an attorney in a car crash we'll let you know the reason. If we don't believe you require a lawyer, we'll let you know that, too. Whatever the case, you'll get all the facts you require to decide on your own.

If you end up engaging us to represent your interests we will not charge charges for upfront or advance charges to pay. If you do not recover anything and you don't owe us anything, we will not be liable. We're here to give you the best possible outcome and we operate with a contingency fee.

GJEL Car Accident Attorneys possess unparalleled experience handling cases involving car accidents

The car accident attorneys at our firm have won hundreds of cases involving injuries to the automobile and have a success rate of more than 99 percent.

We're renowned across all of California for our experience and we have other firms regularly send their complicated and huge instances to us.

Two recent settlements for car accidents as cases we've successfully litigated on behalf of the clients we represent:

$1,750,000 Recovery From A Car Accident

A couple was hit by a huge pickup truck while traveling on I-80. The woman, who was 52 years old, suffered fatal injuries in the crash. The defendant claimed that her husband's driver at the time of the collision was the main cause of the crash because he was been switching lanes when the rear-end collision occurred.

Jim Larsen and the auto accident attorneys from GJEL have deposed all witnesses available and witnesses, including California Highway Patrol officers responsible for investigating the crash. After a thorough examination, GJEL was able to verify that the husband wasn't involved in changing lanes during the crash and the blame was solely that of the driver who was at fault. Based on evidence from the husband as well as three adult children GJEL was in a position to prove the bond of love that they had with the crash victim.

Through experts' testimony and physical evidence, Our GJEL lawyer for car accidents proved there was a force of the impact caused by the defendant's truck that caused the force that led to the fatal crash.

GJEL was able to recover $1,750,000 after a traffic accident.

$6,500,000 Jury Verdict

A 16-year-old suffered a permanent injury after a rollover accident that resulted due to a collision with a dirt mound that was put at the center of the road by a Hayward construction firm.

The crash was triggered on North Mines Road in Livermore the moment Todd Andrews struck a dirt mound before crashing into the split. The car spun 3 times, before coming to rest.

"GJEL's" Luke Ellis represented Andrews' stepparents in the lawsuit that followed seeking to recover damages and medical expenses for the devastating injuries their stepson sustained.

In the trial, a jury handed the couple $6.5 million and auto accident attorney Ellis was able to prove a variety of infractions on the part of The construction firm, city officials as well as the general contractor and engineering firm that were involved in the construction.

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See What Our Previous Clients Have To Say:

Alongside our car accident law firm, which has recovered more than 950 million dollars for our clients who were injured and their family members, here's what some of our clients have to comment on their experiences:

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List of The Most Common Types of Serious Auto Accidents

Our law firm for car accidents can handle a range of accidents. A variety of typical types of accidents can cause serious injuries to the people affected.

Here are a few of the situations we are faced with often.

Rear-End Accidents

A rear-end crash occurs when a motorist collides with the vehicle ahead of them. These kinds of accidents vary from minor to serious, based upon the rate at which vehicles were moving and on the particular circumstances that led to the incident occurring.

Most of the time it is the motorist of the car that rear-ends the other vehicle is the one to blame and these types of accidents usually being caused by a driver paying too close attention or not paying to pay attention. If, however, one of the drivers of the car which was rear-ended did not reverse at the time of the collision the driver may be held responsible for the collision.

T-bone Accidents

Also known as side-impact collisions also known as side-impact collisions, a "T-bone" occurs when the side of a vehicle is stray with the front or rear of a vehicle. These broadside collisions often result in serious injuries for both sides.

In the event of an accident occurring under certain conditions, any driver in an accident with a T-bone could be responsible. The drivers could disagree on which driver had the right to use the right of right. This is why you must employ the most competent lawyer for car accidents in California to conduct the most effective legal action.

Sideswipe Collisions

A collision that occurs as a result of a sideswipe is where the vehicle's side vehicle comes into contact with the other vehicle's side generally when both vehicles are in the same direction. The most common causes of collisions include drivers failing to look in their blind spots before switching lanes or drivers who are parked in vehicles entering moving traffic without checking that the lane is free of obstructions.

At lower speeds, side-swipe collisions can only cause cosmetic damage. But at higher speeds, damage can be severe and even fatal.

Head-on Collisions

Head-on accidents happen when two cars collide against each other as they travel from opposite directions. Even at low speeds, head-on collisions could cause severe injuries or even death.

Single Vehicle Crashes

Single-vehicle accidents only involve one vehicle. They could be caused by an accident with a stationary object or by turning away from the highway. Accidents can be because of driver errors caused by factors like fatigue or intoxication or be the result of external causes such as hazardous road conditions and severe weather.

Finding a fair settlement for one-vehicle crashes is our specialization as the most experienced accident lawyers.

Rollover Accidents

A rollover crash occurs when a vehicle is flipped over because of an accident or an abandonment from the roadway. These accidents can be very serious that can result in serious injuries, as well as the death of a person.

Hit and Run Accidents

The term "hit and run" may be any type of accident where any of the motorists who were involved in the collision decides to escape the scene. The term "hit and run" is defined by the driver who leaves the site of a collision without providing contact details which could result in the issuance of a ticket (at the minimum) and even criminal charges.

Common Injuries in a Car Accident

Accidents involving cars are one of the leading causes of personal injuries across the United States. There were 5.6 million car accidents that took place throughout the United States in 2022, which resulted in more than 30,000 deaths as well as 1.6 million injuries that were serious being reported. Although carmakers continue to incorporate life-saving technology in new vehicles, however, injuries from car accidents remain a major danger for American motorists.

Our car crash lawyers are involved in a multitude of cases every day. Here, we'll look at some of the most common car accidents that happen and what you should do if you or your loved one is ever injured in a car crash.

1. Spinal Injuries

While it's not just the most common neck injuries that accidents can cause among the more commonly reported injuries is often known as "Whiplash." Whiplash occurs when a car that has been struck causes the victim's head to be thrown backward, forwards, or even to the side. The speed of this motion can result in a severe strain on the ligaments and muscles of the neck and the upper back.

Although the majority of cases of whiplash can heal over time, some can be permanently disabling. In addition, the impact of collisions with vehicles can result in a variety of injuries in the tissues that support the lower and upper back. In more serious circumstances, it can result in disc herniation or related skeletal trauma. In these instances, the recovery time is long. is typical, and could typically require treatment via physical therapy, surgery, and/or long-term pain control.

Spinal Injuries Warrant Compensation

Serious spinal injuries are often the most expensive injuries from a car accident to treat. Intense trauma to the spine may cause paralysis in total or partial form and even death. In certain instances, the spinal cord injury can't be corrected completely which results in permanent impairment. This could result in unapprehension to work, take provide of oneself, or perform regular activities of daily living.

In the event of whiplash or trauma from a collision make sure you contact lawyers in car accidents to help you pursue compensation.

2. Brain and Head Trauma

17.3 percent of TBIs ( Traumatic Brain Injury) in the United States are caused by collisions with cars. Traumatic brain injury can happen in cases where a sudden skull movement results in the brain hitting the hard skull's surface as our brains sit in a sway within the skull rather than being in fixed positions trauma can trigger enough impact to cause damage to the soft tissues that surround the brain. Traumatic Brain Injury may cause swelling, bruising, or bleeding in the brain, in addition to various other serious conditions such as skull fractures. Many victims will experience sudden unconsciousness or other signs, Traumatic Brain Injuries can also be difficult to identify and many victims do not notice signs of injury until much later.

Head Trauma Warrants Compensation

The need for emergency care is crucial when dealing with the occurrence of a Traumatic Brain Injury. It is also in many instances, it may require extensive follow-up care which includes brain imaging diagnostics, such as a CT (Computer Tomography) scan or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). Traumatic brain injuries could cause significant impairments to the victim's mental functioning and, in extreme circumstances, could require extensive, or even permanent rehabilitation.

The treatment for brain injuries is costly and risky for the victim. We suggest contacting a car accident law firm to assist in recovering damages or rehabilitation (damage demands).

3. Broken Bones

The lower and upper legs are especially vulnerable to injury in the incident of an auto accident and generally require both immediate and ongoing treatment. Broken bones pose the highest risk of developing infections and, in severe cases, they may require surgery or physical therapy to restore the functionality of the injured leg. In the worst of incidents, injuries to the legs can lead to the losing limbs, which can cause significant impairment to the level of living and the ability to perform daily chores and obligations.

Bone Trauma Warrants Compensation

Minor injuries like sprains, fractures, or spurs are typical in auto accidents. Although they aren't usually difficult in their treatment, many require a lengthy period of rehabilitation and healing to restore normal function to the area of injury.

Fractures or broken bone dislocations can cause trauma to bones, which require funds and time to heal. The injured party is entitled to indemnification with the help of a trusted lawyer for car accidents.

4. Facial Injuries

The severity of facial injuries can vary from minor, like scrapes, bruises, or cuts, up to more serious, such as fractures, deep lacerations burns, and dental/jaw injuries. Lacerations, which include deep cuts, scrapes, or punctures to the skin, are commonly seen even in minor car accidents since the facial soft tissues are especially susceptible to injury due to collisions with parts of the interior of the car and thrown objects, such as personal belongings and broken glass. In extreme instances, punctures are caused by related fractures like broken bones or sharp objects.

The facial bones are prone to damage. is not unusual and may vary from cosmetic injuries to serious injuries (such as a fractured jaw). In certain instances, patients might have to undergo reconstructive (cosmetic) procedures to restore the appearance and function of the facial area. Although some injuries, like broken noses, are fairly easy to treat, more complex injuries such as jaw dislocations need a lengthy period of treatment as well as rehabilitation and recovery.

It is costly to undergo cosmetic procedures. Our top lawyer for car accidents can assist you to receive the money you're entitled to.

5. Psychological Injuries

No matter the physical injuries that occur caused by a car crash, most victims will suffer some or all of the mental symptoms that can be triggered by the incident. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), as an example, is a well-known disorder that often requires the intervention of professionals after a car crash; those suffering from PTSD can experience extreme distress as a result of the trauma that is either short-lived or requires many years of therapy to achieve the full recovery to regular thinking processes. Disorders that are triggered by an accident in the car can include anxiety, either an overall feeling of anxiety or acute, extreme panic attacks, or depression, due to the trauma caused by the incident or the subsequent recovery.

Emotional Trauma Warrants Compensation

Treatment for psychological injuries is challenging and could require treatment with an authorized medical professional, medications, or long-term rehabilitation to get back to a normal state of mind. In some instances, victims may be eligible for compensation for emotional stress resulting due to the car crash.

GJEL attorneys for victims of car crashes fight for the justice victims are entitled to.

California Car Accident Guide & Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of information that can aid you in taking the appropriate actions following a car accident in CA. If you've been in an accident involving a vehicle in California we encourage you to get in touch with us to arrange a free case review.

Information to Gather following a car crash

Everyone gets into their vehicle expecting to be involved in an incident. Accidents do happen frequently throughout all of California. In many instances, those who are involved in accidents suffer severe injuries that be a burden for their lives throughout their lives. Even in more minor accidents, victims are often in discomfort and suffer thousands of dollars in vehicle damage. However, when car accidents occur due to the negligence of another the victims can often be capable of obtaining damages in the form of financial compensation through the process of a California personal injury lawsuit.

The process of recovering is in a hurry, but lawsuits arising from car accidents typically require substantial evidence to prove negligence as well as injuries incurred as a result of an accident. There is a variety of evidence that victims must be able to gather following an accident to keep evidence of the importance and ensure their right to claim compensation.

We suggest that you discuss details with an experienced wreck attorney before making an insurance claim. The most crucial details to collect following the accident are covered below.

Get information from the other Driver or Drivers in the accident.

California law requires those affected by an accident to share information with other drivers. Auto accident lawyers also suggest gathering details from other drivers so that the victims can file a lawsuit against the proper person or parties responsible for the accident.

The types of information that must be recorded include the following:

  • The names of other drivers who were involved in the crash;
  • License numbers for drivers;
  • The numbers of identification for vehicles (VIN) from the various vehicles
  • Contact numbers and addresses of other drivers;
  • Information on the insurance company and policies.

It is essential to be aware that following a car accident many people are distressed and confused, angry, and might even suffer from significant discomfort. This is why it is advisable to get the other motorists involved in the incident for such information it is essential to be patient and allow them time to get their equilibrium after an accident has occurred.

Secure Contact Information for anyone who might have witnessed the accident

It is also crucial that victims of accidents obtain contact details from anyone who has observed the incident. In many instances, drivers may have different versions of how the accident occurred and eyewitness testimony is often able to assist in settling these disagreements. Apart from interviewing witnesses who may witness the incident The victims must take a look around to see whether any homes or businesses located in the area have cameras that could have caught the accident occurring. Transfer this potential evidence to your attorney for car accidents at GJEL.

How Your Auto Accident Attorney Can Help Gather Evidence

If cameras are in existence there is a possibility to access the footage to find out how the incident occurred. Even if a corporation or homeowner is hesitant to share the video there are ways the way that an experienced lawyer can demand the release of evidence pertinent to the specific instance. The video footage could serve as evidence of the negligence of a certain person and may eliminate inconsistencies between the accounts of witnesses.

Take Photographic Evidence of the Scene and Aftermath of the Accident

The fact that a large portion of adults use a mobile phone which also functions as a digital camera has made capturing the aftermath of accidents considerably easier than previously. If you're physically capable to take photos of anything you think could relate to the circumstances that the accident happened.

Relevant images could contain the following:

  • Your car;
  • The vehicle of the other driver
  • Your visible injuries;
  • The guardrails may be damaged or damage other objects;
  • Do you believe that any road hazards could have caused or
  • Tire marks and
  • General layout and design of the road the place where your accident took place.

Reviewing photographs can not only aid in determining the events that occurred but also provide an accurate picture of the incident to a juror in the event of a trial.

Note any Relevant Details Regarding Your Surroundings

An experienced car wreck lawyer is always one who recommends paying attention to small details! While it's not as advanced as using the digital camera to capture photographic evidence, anyone who is involved in an accident must take note of specific places they believe played a role in the way how the incident occurred.

Examples of things to be noted include:

  • The conditions of the weather at the time of the accident.
  • Any observations made about the other driver which could relate to the driver's mental health at the time of the crash;
  • Conditions of traffic at the moment of the accident.
  • If there are any traffic signals within the vicinity; and
  • The road conditions in the area.

Obtain a Copy of the Police Report

When law enforcement arrives on the scene to interview the people involved as well as witnesses of the collision and the collision, they'll enter the information in a formal police report. The report may not just contain important information, but it could also include an officer's view of the person who was responsible for the incident. The report should be obtained and make sure that it is the correct information about the information you provided. If not then you may request to amend the report.

Contact a California Car Accident Law Firm Today to Discuss Your Case

Following a car crash and you've been injured, you need to concentrate on recovering instead of pursuing the compensation you deserve for your injuries and other loss. In California, the Statute of Limitations in California permits you to bring a lawsuit within 2 years from the date of your injury. do not hesitate to seek the amount you're due. The highly skilled lawyers for car accidents at GJEL will defend the rights of their clients. They strive to ensure that every client we represent receives the full and reasonable value of their claim.

Our law firm for car accident victims has recovered over 950 million for our clients. We've also been successful in more than 100 percent instances we've handled. To set up a complimentary appointment with one of the California lawyers for car accidents, contact our office at the number 866-218-3776 or contact us via the online Contact Form. GJEL is regularly recognized as the best car accident lawyer in California and throughout the USA.


Below is a selection of information that can assist you in taking the right steps after a car crash in CA. If you've been involved in an auto accident in California we encourage you to call us for a no-cost consultation with our expert attorneys for auto accidents.


 Most people's stuck in a Car accident but don't know how to choose a car accident lawyer, but we always recommend an experienced lawyer in your area. finally, you met Best Car Accident Lawyer in California. Thanks for reading and keep supporting our blog.


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