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If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident? we are here to help you.In this blog post, we are going to discuss about San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer Dolan Law, We aim to make it easier for you to find the best and #1 top-rated car accident lawyer in your area. Hope this blog post will solve your problem and gives you valuable information.

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The term "personal injuries" is an official term used for physical injuries as well as financial loss resulting from someone else's negligent, reckless or deliberate error.

To receive compensation from the person or a government agency, corporation, (and its insurance provider) who caused you to harm in any way, you have to demonstrate three factors:

  • The severity of your damage
  • What caused the damage
  • The other party was responsible (at fault)

Legal responsibility, also known as "liability, "does not need you to prove that the government agency, person, or business responsible for the accident intended to cause harm to you. A case of negligence - an act that is unsafe and unjust under the circumstances, like speeding up and causing an accident - is enough to establish liability.

Following California law, anyone who suffers personal injury may be able to recover monetary damages for:

  • Future physical and mental pain as well as suffering; mental anxiety and physical impairment
  • Future and past medical costs, incidental and hospital charges;
  • Future and past lost wages, as well as lost earning capacity;
  • Damages for punitive acts in the event of serious wrongdoing.

If someone has died because of someone else's carelessness (a "wrongful loss of life") family members may claim compensation for their loss.

What Kinds of Vehicle Accidents Can an attorney for a personal injury near me Help with?

There isn't a comprehensive list of all the kinds of collisions involving vehicles that merit consulting an attorney who specializes in personal injury. In essence, it's recommended to speak with an attorney if there's a collision on the road that results in injuries, and could be attributable to the other party. Accidents can occur in a variety of ways, from a car collision with another vehicle, collisions between a vehicle and a bicycle; or a vehicle striking pedestrians directly are the most common types.

Every day, cars as well as trucks, and buses crash across the roads and streets of California. Most often motor vehicle accidents are caused by negligence or recklessness negligence from the driver. At the Dolan Law Firm, our lawyers have extensive experience in all kinds of motor vehicle accidents.

Motorbike or auto accidents

      • Illegal U-Turns
      • Left turns in front of another vehicle
      • Rear End collisions
      • Failure to surrender
      • Road Rage

Bike accidents

      • Bicycle Door
      • Left Turns in front of a bicycle
      • Rear end collisions
      • Failure to surrender
      • Road Rage

Pedestrian accidents

      • Crosswalk
      • Left Turns to turn into the pedestrian crossing
      • Rear end collisions
      • Road Rage

What are the most common Causes of Collisions?

The majority of collisions are the result of at most one driver not paying sufficient focus to the road around them. We get comfortable driving that drivers forget about the huge and dangerous vehicle a car. Even at slow speeds, anything that could be deemed to be a "fender bender" between two cars could cause injuries. When a car is struck by an automobile with two wheels or a pedestrian, even the smallest impact could cause a catastrophic injury.

The most common causes include:

      • Speeding, racing;
      • Red light running;
      • Distracted driving includes texting or using an application while driving
      • Sudden lane changes with no checking (a regular reason for motorcycle accidents);
      • I didn't see a motorcycle or bicycle;
      • Illegal U-turn;
      • Left-turns at intersections that are in front of traffic oncoming when it is not safe to make them;
      • Turning left when looking left (a frequent cause of cars hitting pedestrians walking in crosswalks and other pedestrian-related collisions);
      • Sudden stops and inability to give right-of-way (a common cause of bicycles being hit by cars and other kinds of bike accidents);
      • Unsecured loads on pickups and semi-trucks;
      • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs;
      • Driving while under the influence of prescription drugs
      • A fatigued driver from working for long hours or who suffers from sleep apnea.

If you as well as someone that you are aware of, have suffered a collision with an auto that could be, or even partially attributable to the driver who caused the collision there is a possibility of recourse. Anyone who is injured in a car crash and is hurt by negligent drivers could pursue a personal injury lawsuit. If you've suffered injuries in a car accident, contact an expert personal injury lawyer who can discuss your case. There may be medical expenses as well as lost wages and other costs that aren't your liability.


It is vital to remember that even if a traffic accident report identifies the other party at fault, that doesn't mean that the investigation is over. Police sometimes make assumptions incorrectly, or believe witnesses who are not trustworthy or do not know what happened. A negative police report or finding that an innocent driver was in the wrong, can affect the insurance company's initial view of events, it's not the final word The police report's conclusions are not or never allowed to be considered evidence in a trial. If you've been injured in a crash and think your driver is at fault, wrong, even though police determined that you were the one to blame it is advisable to consult with an attorney who specializes in personal injury to examine your case. The conclusion of what occurred and who is the credible party, need to be examined independently.

What Damages Can Be Recovered in a collision caused by the negligence of another?

According to California law, those who suffer injuries by an accident because of the negligence of another individual an agency of the public, or a corporation may be able to recover damages. Several major types of damages can be recovered in a personal injury suit.

      • Special Damages

Special Damages are economic damage, also known as costs that are out of pocket. They are often easily calculated. They can include things such as:

      • Medical bills from the past This would include copays as well as the entire amount of health insurance.
      • Future Medical Bills These would include any future surgeries that are planned or medical necessity due to the collision.
      • Past Wages Lost- If the accident caused you to take time off from work, the total amount of lost wages is included in any claim.
      • Future lost income - often accidents that cause serious injury can impact the possibility of earning an income soon.
      • Property Damage- This could include the need for bike or car repairs and gloves, helmets phones, glasses any other property damaged in the collision.

      • Suffering and pain include the discomfort of the incident as well as any medical procedures that are required and the constant pain of healing.
      • Emotional Distress - This term is often used in conjunction with Suffering and Pain however, it can also be used to define the emotional components of the damage. When we are required to rely on others to assist with basic tasks or are unable to for any length of time, or work, it is an emotional burden that the law permits us to recover.
      • Emotional distress damages can be claimed for the past (from the time of the collision until the time of settlement) as well as for the future (distress that could be experienced shortly.)

      • If a person dies due to another cause specific family member can claim compensation for their loss. There is no compensation for sorrow However, there is an option to recover available for financial losses that were caused by the deceased. Additionally, there is the recovery in the event of the loss of society or companionship, education, and other things that have been removed from an individual's life after someone close to them dies.
      • It is also now possible to claim damages for the suffering and pain suffered by the deceased. If death wasn't immediate the person who succeeded in the claim can try to be compensated for the damages that were sustained as a consequence of the incident.

      • Punitive damages are generally not recovered in car accidents. These are damages that are attributed to the victim, not to the one who was injured in the attempt to compensate them for their losses rather, they look at the person who was the culprit to punish them and discourage the individual who committed the crime as well as to discourage individuals from engaging in such kinds of actions. In the case of an auto crash or similar circumstance, they are only enforceable when the act was reckless or reckless. This would likely not include someone who ran an intersection, did not look to the left, or even glanced at their mobile. However, it could include someone who was drunk driving or was driving with other cars. It is important to note that any claims for punitive damages could create problems in recovering from insurance. Insurance cannot pay for acts of willful intent and the minimum threshold to be considered punitive damages must be similar to an act of intentionality.

Can I file a claim for pain and suffering without a lawyer? Do I require an attorney for personal injury to file a claim for the emotional pain?

Although there isn't a requirement to engage an attorney for personal injuries to file a claim for emotional distress also known as suffering and pain, insurers are likely to limit any claim to the extent that an individual has a case with an injury lawyer. An attorney can explain the medical care that you require and not only a financial expense, but also emotional as well. Based on the physical injury that you have suffered, there may be a pain. Sometimes, people are removed from work for a certain time or require assistance in daily activities. It is a psychological toll that is incurred when our identity is altered in this manner. The self-esteem of the person we are when we're not the person we were before an accident. Engaging an attorney for personal injuries can make sure that insurance companies are informed of your complete story, every claim is made and they are aware that you have a legal representative to defend yourself to get the compensation you are due. Consultation with Dolan Law Firm can be free.

Can I see my Doctor, or do an attorney for personal injury take me to a doctor?

This question is asked a lot. Different lawyers will have differing opinions on this. We usually suggest that you seek any medical treatment you require from your doctor or health insurance. The goal after an accident with a motor vehicle is to heal, and you're the right person to decide that as well as your health professional. If you require a treatment or procedure you require but your medical insurance would not cover it, we can assist you in finding doctors who could be able to provide the procedure.

Our Dolan Law firm has the Knowledge and Resources to Get Justice for those who have been injured in the Pedestrian, Car, Motorcycle & Bicycle Accidents

As one of the top law firms for personal injury in California The Dolan Law Firm has successfully represented thousands of people injured and their families, as well as loved ones who have died in bike, car, and motorcycle accidents, truck and other accidents with vehicles and pedestrians struck by a vehicle since the company was established in 1995.

We've been through it ourselves and know how devastating emotionally, and physically, and financially a devastating car crash can be. We're committed to treating you with kindness and respect. We'll be with you throughout the legal procedure. We recognize that litigation can be intimidating and unfamiliar for the majority of people and that your efforts can be better spent resolving issues. We will take every client through the legal system so that they can be aware of the good and bad. We will inform you of what to anticipate at every step of the procedure.

Many times, we have had outstanding success during settlement negotiations and in court -- that's the top priority. one reason that clients choose our law firm. Afterward, the trial is over, they suggest their family and friends when they've been in an automobile crash. We are recognized for taking difficult and complex cases to trial and winning. In the end, we frequently obtain settlements that are higher than industry averages. We offer our clients:

      • A personal, professional legal counsel provided by experienced accident and crash attorneys with a proven track performance record;
      • A vast array of financial, investigative, and technological sources that no lawyer or a law firm of a small size can offer;
      • Access to experts in accident reconstruction to determine the root causes of the accident and who, or what was the fault such as negligent drivers, defective auto parts, or dangerous road conditions.
      • Access to economists and biomechanics to assess the full extent of your injuries as well as estimate the cost of any future medical expenses as well as any loss of earnings or reduced earning potential caused by the accident.

Top-rated California, Bay Area & San Francisco Personal Injury Attorney

Over the past 25 years, the personal injury lawyers at Dolan Law Firm have been assisting clients for over 25 years. Dolan Law Firm has prosecuted solid, successful cases and secured hundreds of millions in settlements for our clients throughout California's San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California.

The SF Weekly has rated Chris Dolan San Francisco's Top Injury Lawyer. US News and Best Lawyers have rated our firm as the top law firm. We have been awarded the A+ rating from Better Business Bureau for our actions on behalf of our customers in personal injury lawsuits and wrongful deaths.

We offer our accident and personal injury clients the following benefits:

      • We are unwavering and steadfast advocates for the clients we represent. We provide each client with top-quality legal assistance, supported by significant technological and financial resources that no single lawyer or small law firm could offer.
      • We fully investigate each case and have access to top experts in biomechanics and accident reconstruction for cases that involve the neck, spine, brain, and back injuries.
      • We are famous for taking difficult and complex cases to trial and winning. In the process, we frequently obtain settlements that are beyond industry standards, including some of the biggest settlements and verdicts ever made in individual injury lawsuits throughout the state of California;
      • Chris Dolan our founder and chief trial attorney is the sole person who oversees the cases involving serious injuries that the firm defends. Chris has been repeatedly voted by numerous publications as being among the best trial attorneys across the entire state of California.

Personal Injury Personal Injury: Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you've suffered serious injuries in an auto collision It is imperative to consult a San Francisco personal injury lawyer who is not just knowledgeable about the law but also has an impressive track record of success representing victims of motor vehicle injuries. Our accident lawyers have a track record of success in auto accident cases like:

      • Car Accidents
      • Truck Accidents
      • Motorcycle Accidents
      • Cyclists Hit By Cars
      • Pedestrians Hit By Cars
      • Uber & Lyft Crashes

Personal Injury: Serious Injuries & Wrongful Death

There is no case too difficult for us to deal with. San Francisco personal injury lawyer Chris Dolan and his team of lawyers have secured record settlements and verdicts for their clients in cases that involve:

      • Amputations
      • Animal Attacks & Dog Bites
      • Brain injuries
      • Caustic burn injuries and burns injuries
      • Premises Liability: also known as Slip and fall lawsuits. This can be a case where a risky property defect caused the injury.
      • Defective Products
      • Medical Malpractice
      • Spinal Cord Injury
      • Third-party responsibility
      • Tourist injuries
      • Wrongful death

Contact an experienced personal injury Lawyer

The award-winning lawyers at Dolan Law Firm have won awards for their work. Dolan Law Firm is committed to defending its clients in a fight for justice. Chief trial counsel and founder Chris Dolan have been consistently recognized by the media as being one of the top personal injury lawyers throughout California. San Francisco Bay Area and California. Chris along with the other experienced trial lawyers from Dolan Law Firm have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for their clientele.

The team at HTML0 is here to help you. We will evaluate your case at no cost without any obligation, in confidence, and without obligation to you. We give each client a personalized personal service of the best quality. We treat our clients like family members. We'll work closely with you throughout the entire legal procedure. We don't bill an hourly rate and only earn a fee when we win your case.

Contact us toll-free via 1-888-452-4752 or use your contact information to request a no-cost assessment of your case.

We have the expertise and the resources to thoroughly look into your case. We'll visit you at home or in the hospital if cannot visit the offices in San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles.


 Most people's stuck in a Car accident but don't know how to choose a car accident lawyer, but we always recommend an experienced lawyer in your area. finally, you met San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer Dolan Law. Thanks for reading and keep supporting our blog.


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