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If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident? we are here to help you.In this blog post, we are going to discuss about Minor Car Accident Lawyer, We aim to make it easier for you to find the best and #1 top-rated car accident lawyer in your area. Hope this blog post will solve your problem and gives you valuable information.

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The most recent Traffic Crash Report issued by the FLHSMV illustrates that Florida has an astounding 1707,316 licensed drivers with more than 400,000 car crashes that happen throughout. This is equivalent to nearly 1,100 crashes that occur each day across the state. The majority of these are minor automobile accidents. A majority of drivers experience one minor collision at some point during their driving experience, however, the majority of these incidents are under-reported as a tiny scratch or dent is considered to be of no concern.

Although minor damage can appear, it can result in underlying issues that may result in significant repairs. A fender bender could destroy different components and may take months or weeks to fully manifest.

Beyond the cost of your car is the "human cost" that results from the collision. Some injuries aren't visible during the stress of a crash. These are among the most difficult injuries we assist clients to deal with as these kinds of injuries may not appear on an X-ray or MRI but they can cause a lot of constant discomforts. The way you sit in the vehicle, look out the window, or even the way you hold the steering wheel could all determine the extent and severity. When a vehicle is hit even at low speeds the impact of the thousands of pounds of vehicles colliding can be transmitted through the vehicles and onto your body. Some injuries may take a while to be fully recognized so getting medically assessed following an accident is essential. Perhaps more painful than physical injury is the loss of ability caused by the injuries sustained in the crash. caused you to be unable to perform the activity you once enjoyed, or even complete the tasks necessary to perform your job.

Expert legal advice for small-scale car crash victims is one of the major practice areas of our firm. If you've been in an accident that was minor and need to contact us, it's most convenient for you such as by phone, chat or email, or even in person and let us manage the entire process of negotiating the money you're due.

A Claim to Redress the Infliction of a Fender Bender

If you're injured in an accident, then you are required to fulfill the "duty to provide information and render assistance" states Florida Statute 316.062. The law stipulates that any person who suffers a vehicle collision that causes injuries, deaths, or just damages or even damage, must give the information needed - such as name and address, as well as registration and driver's license. The information is available to those who suffered injuries or property damaged by the result of the collision or to an official who is on the scene. But, the law further states that if these parties are not in a position to get the information, or if a law enforcement agent cannot be present and the driver is at fault, they must report the accident to the police station nearest to them.

If an officer is present at the site, Florida Statutes 316.066 stipulates when and how the Florida Traffic Crash Report must be filed following an accident. Accidents may fall under either the short-form or long-form requirements. Long forms are completed at the time:

  • There's been deaths and/or injuries. Or just complaints of injury
  • It was a hit and run (and other infractions of Florida Statute 316.061) or some type of D.U.I. (and other infractions that violate Florida Statute 316.193);
  • The vehicle was immobilized, and a tow truck had to take it off the scene
  • It was a motorized commercial vehicle like a semi-tractor trailer.

It is crucial after an accident to contact the police and get the crash report prepared. Even if injuries and damages seem minimal the report can be an excellent source of information from which our highly skilled and knowledgeable small-scale car crash attorneys will begin to construct your case. When the injuries show up after a few weeks, it could be as simple as bending over that eventually resulting in a herniated disc to result in permanently damaged nerves. In the car turning right, it could be enough to cause a tie rod damaged due to the collision to fail, and suddenly you lose control. Florida is considered to be a no-fault state in which no matter who is responsible for an accident and the insurance companies are responsible for the loss. But, if the damage is greater than what the insurance company will pay the law permits actions to be initiated against the driver who is at fault.

Be aware that following an accident you should call the police, request the report of the crash, immediately consult a physician, and record any damage. To ensure that your car remains safe following the crash A mechanic will be able to detect any problems that could be present. If you've been in an accident, you have the absolute right to pursue the fairest and most reasonable compensation. Our firm has the expertise and resources to deal with any of the complicated cases involving car accidents. Our expertise is applied to helping you get the most amount of compensation for your losses.

A Small Car Accident Law Firm You Can Rely On

The collision of your car's bumper in the parking lot at Costco may seem like a minor annoyance at the moment, but minor cosmetic damage could cause more serious issues for your car or your health. Instead of having to concentrate on completing insurance forms and negotiating with adjusters for claims or getting your vehicle back up and running and the many other tasks that require attention following a collision, a reputable fender bender lawyer will take the burden off of your shoulders and lets you concentrate on getting back to normal.

In Farah and Farah Our relationship with our customers is the most important thing. Our team will put all their attention and efforts into you, being there for you and helping through the entire process, and pursuing the highest amount of compensation as per the law to cover the damages and injuries you suffer due to the crash of your vehicle. We understand the stress this can be, and we insist on first listening before putting the most effective case plan to get your case closer to settlement. We're there all every day of the week to answer any question and explain what the procedure looks like.

If you've been involved in a minor car accident We're here to assist you in navigating the path to regaining your whole. Contact us to receive a no-cost legal consultation concerning your minor car crash now.


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