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If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident? we are here to help you.In this blog post, we are going to discuss about #1 Top Rated Car Accident Lawyer, We aim to make it easier for you to find the best and #1 top-rated car accident lawyer in your area. Hope this blog post will solve your problem and gives you valuable information.

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You may be interested in a free consultation with a  personal injury attorney if you have been injured in a slip-and-fall accident, car accident, or other unfortunate incidents. After you've done some research on a local personal injury attorney, it is time to schedule an initial consultation. This will allow you to answer any questions you may have about your injuries and damages.

Dolman Law Group Accidental Injury Lawyers, PA is one of the few personal injury lawyers that does not charge initial consultation. Any person injured or in need of legal advice can receive it during an initial consultation, which is free and without obligation. Here are 9 facts you need to know about a free lawyer consultation.

What can you expect in this free consultation with a personal injury attorney?

Your personal injury lawyer will want to hear your detailed account of the events. While they will collect a lot of information from you, the majority of the time it is not something you don't already know the answers to. This article will help ensure you are ready, understand what to expect, have the documents you need, and make your first consultation as productive as possible.

The length of your initial interview will vary depending on how negligent you are and what circumstances led to your injuries. The first meeting will not take long for cases that are more simple, such as car accidents and personal injury protection. For more complicated cases like medical malpractice and defective products, the initial interview will typically last longer. No case is easy or simple.

Here are 9 things to know about your personal injury case and free consultation

#1: What are the Limitations on Personal Injury Cases?

Before you start thinking about a personal injury lawsuit to help your injury, first check whether your case is still open. Most people don't need to do this, as it is not common to get compensation right away after an injury. Sometimes, however, a client might wait for years to file a personal injury lawsuit.

According to Florida Statute 95.1, the statute of limits for personal injury cases in Florida is four (4) years after the date of the accident. Three (3) years is the limit if the claim is against the government agency or the place you live in. The limit for wrongful death suits is two (2) years after the date of death.

You are eligible if your incident occurred within the specified period. There will be no time limitations that could prevent you from seeking compensation. In your first consultation with your personal injury attorney, you can discuss the details of your case and get to know your potential lawyer.

#2: Get to Know Your Attorney

Do your research online before you choose an attorney to consult with. You can look at websites such as and Also, Google Reviews. These websites are great places to begin.

The consultation is your chance to meet the attorneys you will be working alongside. It is also your opportunity to learn about your case, answer any questions and give basic legal advice. People know whether they like, trust, or believe they will be a good match for someone.

The initial consultation will not only determine if you can work with them, but also whether they have the experience, qualifications, and expertise necessary to handle your personal injury case. You have a right to seek compensation for personal injury damages such as lost wages, property damage, medical bills, and property damage.

#3: What should you bring to your initial consultation?

Personal injury attorneys will review your case and collect as much information as they can. You must bring all documentation regarding your accident and injury.

These are some records, statements, and other information that you should bring to your first consultation.

  • Photographs of the accident or injury
  • Accident reports
  • Police investigation notes
  • Tickets or Citations
  • Contact information and witness statements
  • Notes about the injury that you have taken yourself
  • Notes from the doctor and notes from the emergency room
  • Medical records
  • MRI and X-Ray results
  • Information and cards for automobile and health insurance
  • Information about other drivers or the location where your accident occurred.

All of this information will allow your personal injury lawyer to get a complete picture of your case so that they can give you answers about your chances of pursuing compensation. The better the attorney can assess your case, the more detailed it is. Your personal injury lawyer can provide you with all the information necessary to help you determine if their plan of action is one you can accept.

#4: Keep records and notes about your personal injury accident

During your injury case, there are two crucial issues that you will need to be aware of:

  • What was the exact incident that led to the claim?
  • Which kind of injury or harm was caused?

These issues will be brought up at every stage of the process. It is crucial to keep a record so that you don't forget important points.

Keep these notes and other pertinent information. Take detailed notes right after the incident and throughout the entire process. Include details about what happened, where it took place, who was involved, and how your injuries have affected your life. It will almost certainly help you strengthen your legal case.

Here are some pieces of information you need to keep track of your personal injury case:

  • What happened during the incident, before and after it?
  • Time and place
  • Weather conditions
  • Witnesses and what was said
  • What you felt during and after the accident
  • Type and extent (both mental and physical) of your injuries
  • All medical treatment that you receive, and all
  • Your personal, professional, and social life after your injuries
  • You can't work, and you have to cancel any events.
  • Your family's reaction to your injuries

Your attorney can use this information to help them gain a better understanding of your case and the impact it had on you. This information allows your attorney to create a list detailing the damages you can claim in a personal injury case. It also gives you a complete picture that will ensure you get fair compensation. The attorney cannot include something in a claim or demand if you don't tell them or forget to mention it.

#5: Provide a detailed account of the personal injury accident

During your first consultation, you will be required to tell the attorney about your accident, injury, and illness. The attorney will ask detailed questions during or after your account to get a better understanding of what happened. In some cases, you may have to tell the jury about your personal injury case.

The initial consultation is a trial run. This allows the personal injury lawyer to learn from you the facts of your accident and evaluate the client's belief. This may not sound like a nice thing, but it is important to know how you present yourself in a conversation about personal injury accidents. For whatever reason, some people are believed by the courts and not others. This is not a reason why an attorney would reject a case. However, they might use this information to coach you in future situations, such as a deposition.

#6: Be prepared with questions to ask your personal injury lawyer

The initial consultation is not only about you learning more about personal injury and the potential lawyer, but also about them learning more about the details of your case. Make sure you have all your questions ready for your initial consultation with your lawyer.

Consultations are not meant to last forever. It is better for you both and your attorney to have all of your questions prepared. Be sure to answer any questions you may have. This is only half of the reason to have a consultation.

Here are some topics that you can ask your potential personal injury attorney questions about:

  • Payments for medical treatment
  • How long it will take to resolve a personal injury case
  • Personal injury claims require important evidence
  • You should not do anything after an auto accident or any other personal injury accident
  • After the initial consultation, proceed with the process
  • Information on how insurance companies impact personal injury claims
  • Limitations on the type of personal injuries you can sustain
  • Legal representation may be required
  • What are the benefits of hiring Dolman Law Group?
  • What are the possible damages?
  • How a personal injury lawyer is paid

#7 - Find out the viability of your personal injury claim

After you have told your story and explained your injuries to the attorney, they will give you information about the viability of your case. In some cases are not eligible for money from insurance companies. It's better to find out now whether your case is worth your time than to waste it. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can seek out a second opinion.

An attorney might also refer you to another attorney. If your case is not within their area of expertise or if you are a member of a class action lawsuit, this rare occurrence may occur. A good attorney will be able to recognize their limitations and not simply take on every case just to make more money. An attorney who refers you to another attorney will likely understand why they are qualified and what they can offer to help you.

What laws can affect your personal injury claim?

If you and your lawyer are willing to move forward with your case they will present you with the applicable laws. Each type of personal accident case has its set laws. Each state has its own rules regarding the statute of limitations, liability, and negligent behavior. Ask your lawyer about the laws that apply to your case so you can conduct your research after your initial consultation.

After you have discussed your case and all applicable laws, your injury lawyer will be able to tell you the best options for you and the strategy they will use to get you compensation. Although they won't have a plan of action in place within 30 minutes, they can offer some suggestions. Clients often find this part exciting as they feel relieved that they are on the right track to compensation.

#8 - Discuss Fees and Compensation of the Personal Injury Lawyer

After you have discussed the options and strategies with your attorney, it's time to move on to the details. Many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that they only get paid if you receive compensation. This is the best option for both of you.

Many times, victims of injury cannot afford to pay for legal representation out of pocket. This allows victims to seek legal assistance that they otherwise wouldn't be able to afford. It also gives the attorney an incentive to do everything possible to make the most of the money. An attorney who charges a flat fee would be paid regardless of what, and would not have the incentive to work harder for more.

Signature of the contract with your Personal Injury Lawyer

You will then sign a contract with the attorney in which you agree to the fees and give them partial powers of attorney. This means that they can only sign documents on your behalf. This power of attorney is used to sign documents and medical releases.

You will also sign a Dolman Law Group that has become a trusted partner for our clients and the community. Communication between clients and attorneys is crucial to providing high-quality, personal legal representation. We take pride in being accessible to our clients. Dolman Law Group clients are provided with the cell phone number and email address of the attorney handling their case.

Potential clients can expect the same attention and professionalism from potential attorneys.

Dolman Law Group offers a free consultation to help you find a personal injury attorney. Dolman Law Group is proud to serve clients in the community. We would be happy to discuss your case. To find out if we can assist with your case, visit our lawyer services page. For questions regarding your claim or injury, please contact us at (727) 451-6900) or use our contact page.

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