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If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident? we are here to help you.In this blog post, we are going to discuss about #1 Top Rated Car Accident Attorney Pennsylvania, We aim to make it easier for you to find the best and #1 top-rated car accident lawyer in your area. Hope this blog post will solve your problem and gives you valuable information.

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We at Lundy Law, know that you're dealing with costs  for medical expenses in addition to lost wages and calls from insurance companies following a car accident. If you or someone close to you has been injured as a result of an accident You can count on our car accident lawyers at the offices we have situated in WilmingtonCherry Hill, and Philadelphia to handle cases that other lawyers refuse to take Find answers to your questions about insurance coverage and fight for fair compensation so that you can focus on recovering.

Common causes of auto accidents

There are no two car accidents identical, however, our lawyers have found that the majority of accidents that happen in the car are caused by one of these situations:

  • Distracted driving even though most drivers are aware that texting, applying makeup, or eating in the car puts all motorists at risk of serious accidents The number of fatalities caused by distracted driving and injuries continues to rise every year.
  • Road Traffic InfractionsThe greater the speed of an automobile, the higher chance of an accident. The speed as well as the angle of impact are what make red lights and other traffic violation-related crashes one of the more likely causes of deaths or injuries.
  • Drunk driving alcohol can seriously affect drivers' reaction time judgment, as well as the ability to drive. Here at Lundy Law, we don't allow drunk driving. And should you be the victim of a drunk driver, we're ready to fight on your behalf to defend your rights.

A list of some different types of motor vehicle accidents we handle:

  • Distracted Driving
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Uber, Lyft, Ride Sharing
  • Accidents caused by seniors
  • ATV Accidents
  • Fatal Car Accidents
  • Pennsylvania Turnpike Accidents
  • New Jersey Turnpike Accidents
  • Delaware Turnpike Accidents
  • Tesla Autopilot Error Accidents
  • Turnpike Accidents
  • T Bone, Side Impact Collision
  • SUV Rollover Accidents
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Hit and Run Accidents
  • Head On Collision
  • Local Traffic Accidents
  • Traffic Accidents
  • I-476 Accidents
  • I-76 Accidents
  • I-95 Accidents

Fair and Just compensation from Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyers

Involvement in a motor vehicle crash can cause you to have a lot to consider. If the crash was your fault, there may be damage to property or insurance-related issues as well as medical costs. There are a lot of questions that remain unanswered, and a Pennsylvania auto accident attorney could at the very least assist you in understanding your rights under the law.

A DUI Lawyer in PA

DUI accidents are responsible for a large portion of traffic-related injuries, accidents, and deaths. The top-rated Pennsylvania attorneys for automobile accidents defend their clients who have been injured as a result of negligent drivers operating their vehicles under impaired by alcohol or drugs.

The prospect of dealing with high-priced insurance companies is not a good idea.

Insurance firms have their adjusters and lawyers They have their adjusters and lawyers, and you shouldn't go up against them on your own. Their unique method of communicating in a high-end insurance language that they know you'll struggle to understand. They'll eat breakfast with you but leave you angry as well as lost.

You'll want a Pennsylvania legal attorney by your side to fight the insurance firm on your behalf of you. Insurance companies are aware that a lot of people are unaware of the law and profit from this. If they find out you do not have a lawyer the likelihood of getting any sort of fair amount of compensation for your car accident may be slim.

What Types of Accidents are Reportable or non-reportable

A minor bump on the bumper will not require a car crash lawyer in Pennsylvania however if a severe injury has occurred that requires hospitalization or results in death, a lawyer is required.

In Pennsylvania, there are reportable and non-reportable accidents in your car. You must submit a police report if there is an injury in the accident if your vehicle has been damaged to the point that it needs to be towed to a safe location, and in the event of a hit-and-run occurs.

In minor car accidents, if there were no injuries, you do not need to inform the police. It doesn't matter what type of incident you've been in, but it's recommended to notify the police because they can create a report that could be used to file claims with insurance companies.

There are some things you must do on the site in the event of an accident

Do not leave the scene of an auto crash in Pennsylvania. You are required to remain there until the situation is resolved by the appropriate authorities. Always take photos of the vehicle and the accident site, as well as your injuries. Get the contact information for the driver who was at fault and any witnesses.

The most effective lawyer for car accidents located in Pennsylvania is one who specializes in car accidents, in contrast to a lawyer who has a wide range of expertise in the law.

Find an experienced local Pennsylvanian lawyer who is familiar with the laws of Pennsylvania. This is crucial since the rules for liability and insurance differ across states. They're well-versed in all the regulations and rules of the state. They also have excellent connections to the judicial department and know the various available resources to help your case.

What is the amount of compensation due to you following an auto accident within PA?

Accredited and top-rated Pennsylvania Personal injury law firm defends the rights of people who are injured in automobile collisions. Through their experience in the legal field, they can explain your rights and obligations in terms of your injuries claims. They also collect all evidence required to back the claim, including medical and police reports as well as other information to determine the amount of compensation you can expect to receive.

car Accident Settlement from the top PA Attorneys in Car Accident Lawyers

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania spreads over an expansive geographical area that is surrounded by roads that stretch across the whole of the state. Numerous accidents occur on these roadways and when victims are injured in a vehicle accident, they need the help of a Pennsylvania lawyer for car accidents. This is because they may be eligible for financial compensation from the person at fault.

In the event of insurance coverage, Pennsylvanians have the option of choosing between no-fault and standard policies. If you have a no-fault insurance policy, minor accidents are insured by your insurance company. In standard policies, insurance is offered by the at-fault driver's insurance.

In almost every car crash situation, one person is accountable for the crash. If you've suffered injury or sustained substantial damage to your car There are some laws in the state which could have a significant influence on the outcome of your claim which include the 2-year deadline for filing most car crash lawsuits, as well as the modified comparative fault rule. This rule permits the recovery of financial damages, but only if the claimant is 50% or less at fault for the cause of the incident.

Who is accountable for the medical bill?

If you are involved in a car accident in Pennsylvania Who will be accountable for medical expenses? If you're involved or injured in a crash in Pennsylvania the medical expenses need to be reported to your insurance company for your car.

Many people wonder what the reason is even though it is the fault of someone else. In Pennsylvania, there's an act called the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Re Responsibility Law. one of the annual premiums to cover medical expenses.

The insurance company at fault has to pay for medical expenses that are out of pocket and not covered by any other insurance. The process can be complicated and you might end up thinking that the incident is draining your finances, even though it was not your blame. That's why you require an experienced lawyer for your car accident at your side. The presence of someone who knows how to handle legal issues takes the burden and stress off of you.

A reputable Pennsylvania car accident lawyer arranges all the information necessary to help you prevail and obtain the compensation you deserve. The biggest relief is the attorney who investigates you, calculates the amount of your claim, and handles all communication to adjusters for you.

If the lawyer is unable to negotiate an acceptable settlement from the insurance company via negotiations then they can make a claim or request arbitration.

Do you need to hire an attorney for an accident that isn't serious?

No, and yes. When the damages to your car was not too severe, you don't have to engage a lawyer for your car accident. Some individuals disagree and suggest that you should because it could be days later when you begin experiencing back pain and neck pain. back.

In many cases, injuries that appear to be nothing could be much more serious than you imagine. Consult a minor auto accident lawyer to discuss your choices.

If you're searching for a reputable automobile accident attorney in Pennsylvania Make sure to choose only lawyers with board certification. It is also worth noting that a lot of them work on a contingent basis meaning that you do not pay them until they are capable of recovering funds for you.

Their practice areas include 18-wheel truck accidents and motorbike accidents. The top Pennsylvania lawyer for car accidents has secured some of the largest settlements available and is ready to help you, too.

A Promise to injured Drivers

Our legal team takes care of every auto accident case with particular attention to ensure that all of our clients do not just receive the services they require however, they also feel at ease with our team. The most important thing is that we give the promise of working with integrity and tenacity to get you the results you want.

If you or someone you love was injured in an accident and you need to contact us, call our Pennsylvania auto crash lawyers with Lundy Law. You can fill out the complimentary consultation request form or contact us at no cost at 1-800-LundyLaw now.


 Most people's stuck in a Car accident but don't know how to choose a car accident lawyer, but we always recommend an experienced lawyer in your area. finally, you met #1 Top Rated Car Accident Attorney Pennsylvania. Thanks for reading and keep supporting our blog.


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